Why Sicily is the ultimate family holiday destination

If you’re planning your next trip for you and your family, and are unsure of where to go, Sicily has your name written all over it. The perfect place for families, Sicily has different activities for every family member. Thanks to its sprawling nature that includes both beach and mountain options (including the famous Etna volcano), the infinite culinary options that are great for family meals, and its many different monuments, you will hardly be bored on this vacation.

An important part of what makes Sicily a family friendly destination is the easiness with which you can find an accommodation. Whether you prefer to be in the town center, near the beach, or up in the mountainous side, there are accommodations for every type of preference.

Furthermore, in Sicily it is very common (and inexpensive) to find private homes to rent: tools like wishsicily for example, are very useful for finding villas in Sicily. Choosing to stay in a private home allows for you and your family’s independence, like choosing your everyday activities with ease and without having to stick to schedules. What’s more is that you are also able to keep your kids on your at-home schedule. Not to mention the plenty of space available for your children to play in.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo

Don’t feel like staying in to eat? No worries there, Sicilian cuisine has got you covered. Ready to accommodate every type of craving or taste, you will be able to pick among the typical Italian dishes, go the typical Sicilian plates way, or even both! Of course you will find everybody’s favorite pasta and pizza, as well as every child’s favorite gelato option. But because you’re in Sicily, going typical Sicilian for one of your meals at least once is highly recommendable.

That’s not to say that Sicilians don’t enjoy pizza, pasta, or gelato - but rather choosing the Sicilian versions of said dishes is a must! For example, if you’re more of a pasta lover, trying the Sicilian “pasta alla norma”may be a valid option; for both you and your children! Combining tomatoes, eggplants, and ricotta cheese, the pasta alla norma is a delicious treat that does not go unnoticed by Sicily visitors.

Instead, if you’ve more of a sweet tooth and are looking to try a Sicilian delicacy, choose to try a “cannolo Siciliano” - a great midday snack, and fortunately found practically everywhere in Sicily!


Now for the beaches. Needless to say that you and your family will have great fun as you get to visit the many different beaches in Sicily. All equally beautiful and worthwhile, feel free to bring water games and different beach related items- goggles for your underwater adventures should definitely be packed first!

If you are unsure where to start your beach tour, the following 5 beaches are beautiful spots you should keep in mind; San Vito Lo Capo, Licata, Scala dei Turchi, Mondello, and Sampieri. Regardless of where you choose to go first, the beauty of each beach will leave you speechless. Also, remember your cameras, there will be many great photo opportunities.

As far as the other types of activities go, the Etna volcano is definitely a treat for both you, and your children. Imagine their amazement as they get to walk on the volcano and gaze at the sprawling view in front of them! Definitely a story for them to share once they’re back home. If not volcanoes, the salt pans are also a great option if you’re looking to switch your daily activity agenda.

**Written in collaboration with Emily J.**


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