About us

Mammaprada is run by Kristie and Graziano. We’re an English/Italian couple with two children. We live in London and spend all the holidays we can in Italy. Usually around Lake Como and up in the mountains in Bormio.

Mammaprada :: About Us

Mammaprada began as a blog and Instagram documenting raising bilingual children and sharing our tips for travel in Italy.

We’re passionate about sharing the lesser known parts of Italy and authentic Italian culture with our readers. We want people to understand more than the stereotypes but as we’re a mixed nationality couple we do understand where they come from. Spaghetti and meatballs may be hard to find in Italy but we aren’t snobby about this being a great combination, born of brave Italian-Americans!

We’ve raised our children with English & Italian from birth and and love encouraging parents to raise their children with languages. It opens your eyes to not only new words but also feelings, culture, traditions and being more accepting of one another.

It’s not an easy thing to do, there are often barriers and lack of time can hinder your success. However we’ve learnt how to fit this into our busy family life and want to help others to do this too.

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