Achieve An Italian Styling With These 5 Beautiful Venetian Blinds

With the italians being well known for their wonderfully stylish interiors. The way that they accomplish this is by using soft furnishings and window dressings, with colours and styles that help to match their homes interior styling.

Back in the 18th century Venetian traders discovered window blinds which were constructed using a number of horizontal slats which had the ability to be adjusted. Allowing or blocking out the light entering a room. They brought them back to Paris and Venice.

Given the name of Venetian blinds, it seems to suggest that the type of window covering was first used over in Venice. But, they are thought to have originally been from persia. In today's world, they are a practical and stylish way to dress the windows in your home. Being able to adjust the amount of light entering in, they can be used in any style of interior as well as being able to be used with any decorating motif.

Mainly used on their own, Venetian blinds give a stylish yet timeless look to your home.

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Aluminium blinds, as the name suggests, are made using a lightweight aluminium material. Given special finishes and coatings, these blinds are able to withstand humid and moisture filled areas in your home. This makes them the perfect choice if you are wanting a bathroom or kitchen blind. Aluminium blinds today are available in a number of different slat widths, which means you can get the perfect blind that will compliment your window.


Italians love nature and it has helped them to gain a keen eye for detail. Tie this in with their love of having a beautiful looking home, it gives them a design style that many of us would love to have! Having wooden venetian blinds in your room can help to bring a sense of sophistication, whilst still giving practicality and versatility.

Wooden venetian blinds can be made in a number of different colours and with different slat widths. This makes them the ideal choice for your home, no matter whether you live in a country cottage or a bustling city area. Just like aluminium blinds they can be adjusted to control the light and privacy you allow into your room.

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Pale Colours

With many venetian blinds in the past only being available in white, but in today’s world there are a huge number of colours available. This means that you can choose a colour that will match and compliment your interior colour scheme. Paler colours will help you to make your windows the focal point within your room, as well as making a small room look simply stunning. If you are wanting a natural feel with a pale colour, then venetian blinds are available in the ideal colour for your home’s interior.


A perforated venetian blind is great to give the same style and look as many of the other style of venetian blinds available. But, they help to give a fresher and more modern look to a room. The perforation on the blind allows for a diffusal of the light, creating a beautiful effect and gives subtle shadows to the room, giving a more modern feel.

Dark Colours

The ideal choice for anyone with a contemporary and modern interior, who are looking for a dark venetian blind to give the WOW factor. With the ability to have a dark colour in either a wood or aluminium material, you can really transform a room’s look dramatically.

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