9 Best Practices For Cleaning Laminate Flooring

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Italians love their wooden and tiled floors. They can’t understand the desire to fill your home with carpets! Luckily in the UK solid wood and laminate flooring is a growing trend. It gives your home a simpler, more modern feel. However if you want to keep this type of floor clean you need a few tips.

The part of the house that gets the most wear and tear is your flooring. Spills, mud, footprints and pet accidents are all arch enemies of your flooring. How to clean the floor to make it look as good as new? Let’s read what the experts have to say about it.

CREDIT: Unsplash

CREDIT: Unsplash

  1. Grit (minute road gravel) comes in with every shoe that enters your house, sweep daily or vacuum to get rid of that. Those tiny particles can cost you the shine of your laminate flooring. Microfiber is your best friend when it comes to mopping the floor. Invest in a good quality microfiber mop and let your floor shine.

  2. What the older generations say goes! The DIY method of cleaning with hot water and vinegar works perfectly on laminated floor. Get a spray bottle and add 1-part water 1-part vinegar, spray a generous amount on the floor before your daily mopping. You will see the difference in just a week. This solution is eco-friendly. The absence of chemical means that it can be used in a house where people are allergic to harsh chemicals.

  3. Adding essential oils will make the DIY solution more appealing as it will smell pleasant but this won’t give the same shine as just vinegar and water will.

  4. To remove hard to vanish stains like, nail polish, or shoe polish, do not use a scrub pad. That will only scratch your laminated floor. Try rubbing with WD-40 or nail polish remover. That will take off the stain without scratching the floor or diminishing the shine.

  5. God forbid if you get gum on your floor, I expect you’d be weeping. Well there is a solution to that mess even. Rub ice over it to freeze the gum mess and then gently, bit by bit scrap it off. You will need a non-abrasive scarper for this so you don’t scratch your flooring.

CREDIT: Unsplash

CREDIT: Unsplash

6. Having stubborn and inconsiderate guest, who won’t take off their shoes off, is hard on laminated floors. Heel marks will be everywhere. Easiest way to remove these, you will not believe, is pencil eraser. Yes, your read right. Pencil eraser will remove heel marks but it will test your patience to maximum limit.

7. While you mop the laminated flooring, make sure that you squeeze the mop almost dry, because the more water you use the sooner your lamination will peel and separate. Also, do not let the spill sit on the floor for a while, clean it immediately, to avoid any staining.

8. Bleach is not your friend, so keep it way away from your laminated flooring. Using bleach will leave stains and take away the shine of the floor.

9. Hot water and mild detergent once every week can help restore shine and clean the laminated floor thoroughly. They water should be lukewarm, fill a bucket and add 2 caps of mild detergent or baby shampoo. Mop the floor and wipe it clean with a dry napkin.

Cleaning laminated floor isn’t hard but you need to avoid a bit of this and a bit of that to get the perfect result.

**This is a collaborative post.**

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