The Bittersweet Life; a perfect podcast on life in Italy

Bilingual Children - Week #17

If you love a podcast or need a reason to start listening in, this is your chance!

The Bittersweet Life is a podcast run by two expats, writer Tiffany Parks and radio producer Katy Sewall. It's based on their unique experiences of life in Rome. The wonder and yet sometimes the bittersweet aspects of life abroad.

They delve into a variety of topics including history, art and politics with humour but also a directness that makes you feel you are chatting to friends. Those who know you well and just want to get straight to the heart of the matter! 

Katy and Tiffany very kindly invited me to talk to them about raising biingual children. Obviously I was delighted to join them and my episode will be live next Monday 6 August. The episode will be number 217 'BILINGUAL'.

Exploring Maccagno, Lake Maggiore

Exploring Maccagno, Lake Maggiore

Katy asked me plenty of difficult questions and showed the real effort that has gone into our bilingual journey! It's not easy but anyone can do it. I hope you enjoy listening and are tempted to learn a language or help your children with one. 

I will share the link for my episode on Monday but for now you have A LOT to catchup on!

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Husband Graziano and I, dressed up for Venice Carnival!

Husband Graziano and I, dressed up for Venice Carnival!