Italian Inspired Gifts for Mother's Day

Are you a mamma or do you have a mama who always plays down the importance of Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday as we call it in the UK?

A mama who tells everyone not to worry and it’s just a ‘Hallmark’ day but actually would just love breakfast in bed and some flowers?

I’m a bit guilty of this so finally this year I’ve put together a list of Italian inspired gifts I would love to receive. If you like them too and want to drop a hint to your children or partner you can send it over to them without having to say a word!

I would really like coffee and a pastry in bed too… but here is my list.

CREDIT: Unsplash @freestocks

CREDIT: Unsplash @freestocks

1) Moka Pot

Our Bialetti silver Moka pot is getting a bit old and I would love one of the colourful ones which have now become popular. The company itself is struggling against the trend of coffee pod machines so I would like to support them as well.

Although I can totally see why people are going for convenience with the pods; there is something a bit more special and intimate about making someone a coffee in a Moka pot though so I hope they stick around.

I also love this little contraption. My Father-in-law recently gave me the version of this he bought 40 years ago.. It is so cute and you don’t really see them outside of Italy. I think it’s a great Mother’s Day gift and what mamma doesn’t need coffee!

2) Pupa Makeup

Ever since I started coming to Italy I’ve been captivated by the gorgeous makeup sets at Pupa. They have a such a fun element to them, there’s always some funky packaging. Clever ways of hiding useful items and they’re also quite beautiful.

They make lovely gifts for any woman not just mothers and I love this cute little bird set for the face, eyes and lips.

I’m struggling to find a way to buy and have these shipped outside of Italy. You can order online here on the Italian site and have them delivered within Italy.

I was going to take these out of the guide but they’re such a lovely brand I thought I’d keep it here and just make sure you look out for them when on holiday! It’s always nice to find something you can’t get everywhere!

Mammaprada :: Italian inspired Mother's Day Gifts

3) Brachetto d'Acqui

Who doesn’t like some pink, light bubbly on a special occasion? This is a refreshing, sweet wine with DOCG status and produced in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy.

It’s really delicious, a little bit unusual and hard to come by. We love it in Spring and Summer as an aperitif. It always goes down well with guests as an alternative to Prosecco.

You can buy Brachetto d’Acqui from NifeisLife in London.

CREDIT: Unsplash @shootervision

CREDIT: Unsplash @shootervision

4) Gianduia Dark Chocolate

I know this is so specific, why can’t I just have any chocolate! The truth is there are definitely days when I’m happy with chocolate buttons!

However if it’s a special day I would love some Caffarel Guanduia chocolates.

I can get my fix in Caffe Nero now! Who would have thought! But if you would like to give these decadent rich truffle-like little battons as a gift, you can now find them on Amazon.

Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Italian inspired Mothers Day Gifts

5) How to Bake a New Beginning

What better way to enjoy some selfcare as a mum than to sit down for a quiet moment and a good book!

I love this story of discovery about three sisters who each have something to learn about themselves and do so through a chance encounter in a little Italian village.

The fabulous twist is that the author also has Italian heritage and spent lots of Summers around the Amalfi coast as a child.

How to Bake a New Beginning is available on Amazon.

Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Italian inspired Mother's Day Gifts

6) Coccinelle

I’ve loved Coccinelle Italian handbags for pretty much as long as I’ve loved my Husband! I discovered them soon after we started dating and visiting Italy regularly.

They are a wonderful ‘LK Bennett’ type of brand with a similar price range and quality of craft. All of my bags from here are still going and people tend to ask about them as they have that special ‘something’ in the design which makes them stand out.

Coccinelle means Ladybird in Italian which also makes it rather sweet!

They have just brought out a new arrival ‘Persefone’ a stunning, soft suede satchel available in 6 colours.

Coccinelle now have stores outside of Italy so we all have the chance to own one of their lovely products.

7) Handmade Cards from my Children

I’d be delighted to receive any of the above but most importantly I love the cards my children make me on days like these.

I’m lucky in that they are quite enthusiastic about creating them! My daughter’s will have her full name, including her surname because she is so excited that she can now do this!

My son will draw me his favourite thing, a dinosaur but it will have long eyelashes to show that it’s me! So cute!

Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Italian inspired Mothers Day Gifts

Have you found anything you would love to gift or receive?

I hope this has inspired you for the weekend!

Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Italian inspired Mother's Day Gifts
Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Italian inspired Mother's Day Gift

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