How to up your second language vocabulary this Easter

The school holidays are upon us yet again! If you’re enjoying a leisurely break somewhere, lucky you!

If however you’re having a staycation I know how painful this can be!

This week we’ve been to soft play, a climbing wall (them climbing not us, yet!) park trips (scooter incident), cinema (too much sugar), crafts and horse riding which was really just walking at a very slow pace round a farm.

Now we’re in need of a bit of focus and something to fill the rest of the 2 weeks!

If this sounds like your family, I’ve got a little something just for you…

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Second language help!

If you’re raising a bilingual child or you’re supporting your child with their language learning at school . It’s common to find you don’t have time to supplement their language education as well.

Hopefully this simple product should make this a bit easier.

As it’s Easter I’ve created a themed vocabulary workbook to guide both you and your child. This will help them learn some extra words about a topic they are already probably quite excited about and save you some effort.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

What’s inside

In this 12 page booklet you’ll find a selection of Easter Italian words and their English translations.

Then there are pages for you to add your first and second languages you use at home, or are trying to learn.

You can use the English/Italian pages for guidance, use your own words or those which are not so common in each language. For example how would you explain a ‘hot cross bun’?

I’ve placed the spaces for these two languages opposite each other in the workbook so you can translate easily between the two.

There are also two light hearted activities for children after they’ve learnt some vocabulary.


The important thing is, it’s FREE! It’s printable and should keep you all occupied without having to think about another amusement for them during this long break.

Download your copy below:

Easter Themed Language Vocabulary for Children

I hope you find it useful!

If not tell me why -

If YES I will start making these into a series covering seasons and other events.

Mammaprada :: How to up your Second Language Vocabulary this Easter
Mammaprada :: How to up your Second Language Vocabulary this Easter
Mammaprada :: How to up your Second Language Vocabulary this Easter

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