How To Comfort Your Child Through Their Eczema

National Eczema Week 2018

This week is National Eczema Week so as both of my children have suffered with this; and sometimes still do. I thought I would share how we’ve created a comforting routine for them that helps manage the worst of their flare ups.


One of the first things we’ve noticed is that any stress or upset can make the condition worse. If your child has started to associate their eczema and treatment as being unpleasant they can panic before you even start to take care of them.

Try and think about what routines you can put in place for bathing and treating their skin which will create a new habit and a positive memory so they are as relaxed as they can be.

Your anxiety about it can also be transferred to them, so although easier said than done, try to act very calmly and keep a steady voice. Let them know if advance what you’re about to do and brush it off as if it’s not anything to worry about.

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Bathing and treatments

My children used to scream so much at bath time it was devastating. They found the water on their skin and any soaps or shampoos excruciating.

We tweaked our bath time routines time and again until we found what worked for them. This was:

  • Only bathing every other day or even a bit longer if you can bear it.

  • Use luke warm water, but slightly deeper so they were properly sat in it and not getting cold.

  • Having distracting toys with them. You can find super little sharks that race around the bath!

  • Using Oilatum Junior Head to Toe Wash. This also helped my daughter’s stubborn cradle cap.

  • Washing them all over first and then giving a short 10 minute play time, rather than a long soak.

  • Put them, wet from the bath straight into their favourite toweling dressing gowns. After a few minutes pat dry any areas that are still wet.

  • Applying Oilatum Junior cream to all affected areas. I love the bottle with a pump dispenser. So practical!

  • Cut their nails so they are less likely to hurt themselves if they scratch.

Eczema creams

We now only use the Oilatum range. It was recommended to me by a pharmacist and we haven’t really looked back since using it.

Oilatum products contain an emollient which forms a protective barrier and keeps moisture close to the skin to soothe and soften.

I’ve found it makes the greatest different to my children’s skin and if for some reason we go away and forget to bring it, I see a marked change in their levels of redness and irritation.

Where can I buy Oilatum?

For more information, or to purchase Oilatum Junior Cream, visit here.

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Once you have your little ones bathed and clean try and avoid overheating them. This is important in both the day and night. I find my son struggles more at night and ends up scratching his elbows and behind the knees if he gets too hot.

Fabrics should be light, cotton and easily removed. Wool can be particularly troublesome. I also find it best to avoid tops with turtle/high necks, that fall too close to the skin.

Think about where in your house you use other fragrances and soaps/liquids. Try to swap these, including washing powders with those that are sensitive or non-bio.



Don’t be afraid to send your child into school with their Oilatum cream. I have done so with my son and just explained to his teacher that sometimes he may need to use it.

Before I would find that he had obviously got a bit warm and had some irritation during the afternoons which led to scratching. By the time he was home we would have another flare up to try and sooth.

Your child’s school will understand if you need them to have access to their cream. Be really open about why and how it will stop your child being distressed, then they will help you.


Make sure you also relax and have a bit of cuddle time with your little ones. Once they are all bathed and lathered in their creams. It really helps to have a calming moment together maybe with a story, to make them forget that bath time and their eczema can cause so much anxiety.

Hopefully you can then create a new memory around a similar routine to us which makes your children’s skin and you all a happy little family!

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*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are 100% my own.* #ad #spon #OilatumComfortProtectors

How do you treat your child’s eczema?

Have you any tips? Please share below!

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