Family Friendly Vacation Ideas The Whole Family Will Love In The US

Family vacations are a great way to spend some quality time with the family and often it is the only opportunity you get to spend a decent amount of uninterrupted time with them. So you want to make it count, right? The truth is, the family vacation can often be a highly debated topic as I guarantee everyone will have different ideas of what to do. So I thought I would share a few of my own with some destination suggestions thrown in for good measure.

Credit: Maxpexel

Credit: Maxpexel

If you want to go hiking

Hiking is a great thing to do with the family. It is an active holiday, it gives you that sense of adventure and freedom and can offer up some breathtaking scenery and views. One of the best locations for hiking is the state of Oregon. Thanks to the Crater Lake National Park and Mount Hood. However, you could also retire back to some of the other locations in this state and stay in places like University Inn Corvallis as a great spot to travel on from.

If you want to go camping

Camping is another thing a lot of families like to do, and they can often want to combine it with activities like hiking. One of the best states to do that in is Colorado. The Rocky Mountains National Park is a fantastic location filled with camping spots and hiking routes with some nature reserves to explore at your leisure. Snow capped mountains and forestry for as long as the eye can see. There is also the city of Denver as a good spot to travel from.

If you want to learn some history

There is only one place I suggest if you want to learn a little more about history for your vacation and that would be Washington DC. This is where all the political decisions happen. Congress meets, the President of the United States lives in the White House and you have some of the iconic buildings like Capitol Building to see and enjoy.

If you want to relax on the beach

If you want a beach that has it all then heading to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina could be the one to consider. It is jam packed full of family friendly attractions and events and is a popular destination in the summer due to the calm Atlantic waves and amazing stretch of white sandy beach.

If you want some family fun

Finally, if you want some family fun then look no further than the state of Florida. It can often be seen as an obvious choice for many families because of Orlando and Disney World, but there are more attractions for the family in this location that will have you jamming your days filled with activities and places to see and do. Plus some of the best beaches around are in the state of Florida including Clearwater beach.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next family vacation.


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