Easter at the Eden Project

Easter at the Eden Project

Are you in Cornwall this Easter and looking for something memorable to do with the children? Have they all had far too much chocolate and you want to find an activity that’s a little bit different?

This is how we’ve been feeling and as we are in Mevagissey for the school holidays we decided to try Easter at the Eden Project.

My husband and I have been coming here for many years even pre-children. I still find something new to see, learn or be in complete wonder about when I arrive. This year we took both our children who have been before, but I think this is the first year that they will really remember the experience as they are now 2 and 5 years old.

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Easter Holidays

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As it’s a special time of year and pretty exciting for little ones the Eden Project is running three weeks of games and activities to take part in from 24 March - 15 April 2018. 

This means you can walk Spring trails, hunt for bunnies, golden eggs and yet still enjoy all of the original attractions of the site.

This year we were on the look out for information on plants and insects for a school project. My son can’t wait to show what he’s discovered and tell everyone about the giant bee! My two year old daughter however was a bit worried the bubbles (biomes) might burst when we go in them or they might roll away!


The highlight for us was the Amazing Maze. It was simple but brilliant. You could tell from the sheer delight and squeals that this was popular with all ages. It is made with hay bales and just outside the Arena area. It's also covered in gorgeous yellow daffodils!

There are so many different activities and games on offer, there is absolutely no chance of anyone being bored! 

Good for little chicks

The Bouncing Bunny Trail. Being huge bunny fans, this was very perfect for us! You head off round the grounds and biomes and look for specific pictures of the furry friends to tick off your little card. I would recommend this for small children as well as the…

Brilliant soft play area you will find inside the Arena. I actually had to trick my youngest to get her to come out she was so enamored with a huge bouncy  bee!

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The Spring has Sprung Trail

A lovely activity for school age children who take a card around with them with picture clues for certain plants and insects which are signs of Spring. They tick off each one as the find it and can learn a bit about each item. There is much excitement as you find each one and some are placed next to extra activities like face painting and Hoopla games.  

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Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes

A permanent fixture at Eden and what the site became famous for initially. If you have yet to learn about the Eden Project, it is an incredible undertaking of transforming a huge china clay crater into the largest rainforest in captivity! Twice as high as the Tower of London and filled with over 1000 species of rainforest plants, there are few places where children can actually experience nature on this scale.  

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Easter at Eden Project.JPG

Relaxed Sessions

If you have a child with autism or sensory difficulties, the Eden Project are running some relaxed sessions so children are able to  enjoy all of the Easter games in a calmer environment. Find out more here about why they run these relaxed sessions.  There are five relaxed sessions running over the Easter period, which are bookable online. 


The quality of the food here is exceptional for a visitor attraction. There are numerous healthy and comforting options offered with large delicious salads and wholegrain rice. There is also a brilliant selection of other hot and cold items such as soup, pasties and delicious cakes. The main cafe doesn’t serve food until 12pm so something to be aware of with very small hungry children. However there is a lunch bag system open early, where you can choose five items per child. These include wraps, pasta, cocktail sausages, fruit, crudites and much more. 

For the adults

If you would prefer a bit of a treat, skip the food hall above and go to the Mediterranean Biome! Inside you will find the lovely Med Kitchen Cafe restaurant in a gorgeous setting. Think bright, white, Greek taverna! You can eat with your family but feel like you’ve popped out for lunch as a couple!

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Take Eden home

Normally when we go for days out I dread the last part where you are ushered through the gift shop! Here though I am quite happy to go through twice, once on my own and then once with the children! 

There are so many lovely things to browse such as beautiful books, wooden toys, clothes and jewellery by local artisans. Honey, ceramics and plants. I could go on! I managed to limit myself to fresh focaccia, cornish butter, wild honey and the children to stationary! I think that's pretty good, until next time...

 Because we will definitely be back!

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Easter at Eden Project.JPG
Easter at Eden Project.JPG

Tell me have you been to the Eden Project?

What do you love about it?

Are you looking for inspiration for the Easter Holidays? 


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**The Eden Project gifted our entrance tickets for this day out, however all opinions are 100% my own.**

Surrey Mama