Language learning tricks: Flashsticks!

Easy daily language learning opportunities

Every morning when my son comes down for breakfast there's a piece of paper waiting for him on the inside of the front door... 

It's not a creative postman! But an Italian word left there by Papa' Prada.

He leaves one every morning on his way to work. 

So what do we do with this little treasure? We read it while we have our breakfast, look it up if we don't know it and then later it's stuck into my son's scrap book.

They can be revised at a later date or any words that just aren't sticking in our minds we add pictures to, stickers or draw our own little illustrations next to the word.

It may seem a lot of work but like anything once you make it a habit you start to notice words that your child asks about and these can be used for your words of the day. 

Papa' Prada tends to write down a few every time he thinks of them so they're ready for his morning postal duties!

Of course you have to be quite disciplined to think of these, prepare them and leave them every day.

So what do you do if you're already on multitasking overload?! 

You discover Flashsticks Post-Its! I found these recently and I'm converted. 

Flashsticks Post-Its:

  • Are available in a variety of different languages and there are many levels of ability.

  • Each Post-It has a word, how to pronounce it and a picture to show what it is.

  • Place these around the house where your children can find them as we do above on the front door.

  • Or put them on the item they are describing!

They're a perfect way of increasing your child's vocabulary in your chosen language. 

  • They're also very useful should you not have a speaker of the language you're focusing on at home. We can always check how to pronounce Italian words with Papa' Prada but what if your child is learning French at school but you and your partner don't speak French. Here the Post-Its come into their own as they include a prompt showing how to pronounce each word.

There are plenty of little tricks like these to help your child learn a second language. But immersing them in the language every day by seeing the words around them is a simple and effective way and the hard work is done for you! 

To buy Flashsticks Post-its and box-sets in one of the many available languages click on the image and button below.