Making Travel With Kids as Stress-Free as Possible

Making Travel With Kids as Stress-Free as Possible

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

When you take a look at social media feeds, it wouldn’t be surprising if you started to consider travel to be the realm of youth without responsibilities. Increasing numbers of school leavers are taking gap years before they head off to college, making month-long trips to hotspots such as Thailand, Peru, Australia, and Vietnam. Couples without children post photographs from romantic European locations such as Paris, Venice, and Rome. This makes sense to an extent. If you don’t have children, you tend to have more disposable income to spend on trips and you can also be more spontaneous with last minute bookings, bagging deals that aren’t lumbered with the increased costs that automatically come with package vacations during school holidays. But that’s not to say that travel is necessarily restricted to these individuals.

Travel with kids can be brilliant too! There’s nothing better than seeing your little one’s eyes widen with wonder as they take off on a plane for the first time, or the joy that brightens their faces as they splash about in pools, build sandcastles and search for pretty shells on beaches. You just have to be a bit more responsible and organised and heighten your sense of safety while you’re away. So, if you’re interested in getting away, here are a few ways to make a success of your family trip!

Book All-Inclusive Accommodation

All-inclusive accommodation may be a little more expensive at the outset than self-catering, but it’s the travel holy grail for families and will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Why? Well, because kids are going to want constant drinks, ice creams, ice pops, and snacks as well as their standard meals throughout the day while you’re away. If you’re forking out for these individually every time someone gets thirsty or hungry, your wallet is going to take a pretty big hit. All-inclusive means everyone can help themselves to whatever they want to satiate their thirst and appetites at all times.

Plan Days Out

Sure, kids will probably be pretty content playing in the pool and sea for days on end. But it’s a good idea to organise one or two day trips or excursions for while you’re away too! This will give your little ones the opportunity to see some of the local sights of your chosen destination, occupying their minds and stimulating their imaginations. Wherever you go, there will generally be plenty of things to do with your kids. So do a little research beforehand and see where everyone wants to go! Book in advance if possible to secure your places.

Remember to Top Up Sunscreen Regularly

We all need to wear sunscreen, but kids’ skin tends to be that touch more sensitive. So opt for the highest sun protection factor you can find and remember to top it up regularly. This can save your kids the pain and discomfort that come hand in hand with sunburn. Waterproof creams tend to be preferable, as your kids are likely to want to spend a lot of time in the water and this won’t wash away.

These are just a few sage pieces of advice to make your family travel plans as stress-free as possible!

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