Staying In Touch With Overseas Friends and Family

It’s a big old world, sure, but it’s also getting smaller with each passing year. Indeed, more young people than ever before are living in countries other than the one where they grew up. While this is a good thing, and exciting for the people who get to experience a different culture, it’s not all positive. There are downsides. For example, it puts a big gap between loved ones. Whereas people used to live close to their family for their entire lives (usually in the same house), now they’re in different countries! To keep the closeness, it’s important that steps are being taken to stay in touch. Fortunately, in this day and age, it couldn’t be easier. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested ways for keeping the closeness, even if there are hundreds of miles separating you and your loved ones.

CREDIT: Pexels

CREDIT: Pexels

Regular Calls

You have to feel sorry for the people who would go travelling in, say, 1800. They’d just have to get on a boat and hope that whatever letters they sent to their loved ones would make it into their letters box. Now, we can stay in touch with no difficulty whatsoever. The phone has meant that we can speak to each other as if we were in the same room. And if you’re making video calls, it’s even better. Make sure you have Skype or Google Hangouts installed, and you’ll never feel too far away from your family.

Pay a Visit

Another plus point for the modern world: no matter where you are in the world, you’ll never be that far from your loved ones. Even if you live in Australia and they’re in the UK, it’s not THAT long of a flight, in the grand scheme of things. But even that’s an extreme case -- in most cases, we’re talking about a few hours. Time can pass quickly when you’re in the middle of life, so make sure you’re setting time aside to visit your loved ones. It’ll help to retain the closeness that can kind of disappear if too much time passes before seeing one another.

Daily Life 

Technology can help in other ways, too. You can use it to share insights into your daily life, which will help your loved ones to feel part of your life. You can do this in multiple ways. You can send photos via WhatsApp throughout the day. You can make videos, and host them using the best torrent for Mac. You can send birthday cards and gifts. The list goes on. If you put in enough effort, then you’ll never feel that far apart from one another.

Writing Letters

Finally, there’s the act of writing letters. This is a way to really flesh out ideas and conversations that just aren’t possible when you’re far away. Plus, let’s not forget that people love receiving handwritten letters, even if the content is nothing more than just a few words about their day and what they’ve been up to! 

**This is a collaborative post.