Reasons To Visit Lake Charles, Louisiana

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

If you are currently in the process of planning your next holiday or you are simply fantasizing about where you should visit next, one place that is certainly worth considering is Louisiana. Lake Charles in Louisiana, in particular, is a stunning spot. Read on to discover some of the different reasons why you should take a trip to this part of the world.

Creole Nature Trail

If you are a fan of nature, this place will blow your mind. The 180-mile Creole Nature Trail is filled with marshes, wildlife refuges, and wetlands. You will have plenty of fun exploring and coming into contact with creatures that you will only find in the south. Not only this, but the entertainment is not lacking here. From hiking and shrimping to oystering, fishing, and hunting, there are plenty of fun things to do.

Airboats and alligators

While we are on the subject of marshes, one of the best ways to explore this part of Louisiana is by taking an airboat with an alligator expert. June is the month when the nesting season begins, and your expert will point out the alligator eggs that are tucked out of sight. Not only will you be able to see alligators up-close, but you can spot muskrats swimming toward the shore and turtles relaxing on the branches too.

There are plenty of accommodation options

You won’t have any trouble locating a hotel in Lake Charles that is suitable for you and your budget. There are plenty of different accommodation options available. Some of the hotels offer the most beautiful scenery and setting, providing you with the perfect base for your stay.

Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu

Another reason why you should consider a trip to Lake Charles is because you will be able to attend the Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu. Here you will find the biggest collection of animated mannequins and Mardi Gras costumes in the world, which recount the story of the legendary festival.

Bayou Rum Distillery

Saving the best until last! After all, what is a holiday without a little tipple? This is the biggest private rum distillery in America, and it creates rum the Louisiana way. What does this mean? Essentially, Bayou Rum is handcrafted on-site in a traditional copper pot, and it is made the 100 per cent natural way, using unrefined Louisiana cane sugar and molasses. You can take a tour of the distillery and, of course, you can enjoy some samples too.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should consider taking a trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana. From the stunning nature to the vast selection of accommodation options, there is something for everyone, meaning you can easily plan your holiday to suit you.


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