Preparing For Pregnancy: It's A Man's World Too

Preparing For Pregnancy: It's A Man's World Too

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

It’s easy to see why the emphasis is all on mum when it comes to all things preparing for pregnancy and then carrying your little heartbeat for nine months, but it takes two to tango. It takes two to make a gorgeous bundle of joy and then become amazing parents. That’s right, future fathers have a super-important role to play when it comes to wanting a baby.

There are no two ways about it, your significant lover’s sperm has a serious amount of influence over your chances of getting pregnant and if your pregnancy will be a healthy one. That’s why it is so important the dad-to-be makes certain lifestyle changes and healthy choices too, well, make sure their boys stay in tip-top shape for their big moment.

So, without further ado, here are the things your man needs to know and do in order to be better at baby-making:

1. It Starts At The Weigh-In

There is a target zone, an optimal weight to be, and that is healthy. If you know what that is, great. If you don’t pop along to your doctor and have them do their tests and tell you the results. The important thing to know is, being underweight can have the same negative effect as being overweight. And it’s not just the sperm that can be subjected to a rough ride, it’s also your man’s libido. Yup. Weight problems can affect your man’s desire and performance. So, get him on a healthy diet of fruit and veg and lean meats, and get him exercising at least four times a week - anything that will help him reach his goals (which is that healthy weight).

2. Never Forget The Folate

If you’ve ever read a baby-book then you will know that folic acid is one of those supplements absolutely recommended to mum’s to be. What you may not know, however, is that it is also important for future dads to take as well. The reason for this is folic acid reduces the risks of anything abnormal occurring to their sperm. In Layman’s Terms, a healthy dollop of folic acid will reduce the chances of a miscarriage happening, as well as birth defects. Of course, the simplest way to make sure this isn’t an issue is for them to pop the same folic pills as you. However, that isn’t the only option here. Everything from leafy greens to beans, whole grains to citrus fruits are packed full of folate. The aim: get at least 400 milligrams a day into his diet.

3. Know What He Is Working With

Men aren’t always the keenest to get themselves checked, which is mainly because no guy wants to hear that he might have fertility issues. However, it is best to know what you are both working with and what you can do to improve your man’s fertility, something you can visit for more information about. For many couples (read: men), this is more often than not the kick up the backside that they need to make positive changes in their life. Their fertility results help them understand just how much of an impact their lifestyle choices have on their future. You’ll be amazed.

4. Free Him From His Vices

It’s never a good idea for people to drink or smoke, whether they want a child or not, and one of the biggest no-no’s for a woman. But it’s just as bad for a dad-to-be to have these vices. Starting with the smoking thing, this has been proven to a) cause a low sperm count and b) produce sluggish sperm, neither of which is cause for celebration. If this news isn’t going to sit well with him, then let him know that the ideal time frame is three months before you start trying. So, if you’re hoping to start trying at the end of this year, give him that warning and help him stop with plenty of time to spare. Of course, the sooner he can kick the butts butt, the better. As for drinking, he doesn’t have to quit completely, but he should definitely limit the amount. The three main reasons for this are: booze can reduce sperm count, booze can cause abnormalities in the sperm and booze can lead to men having a little, how do we say, trouble beneath the sheets.

5. Pop In To See Your Doc

Before you start trying, it is well worth asking your doctor for a thorough check-up, something that will give you an overview of your man’s general health and well being. Your doctor will be able to discuss the issues of his BMI, how the medication he is on affects your chances of getting pregnant, what genetic orders may need to be considered and what lifestyle factors may need addressing, all from a very scientific point of view. You will also be able to get any vaccinations or immunisations to help certain illnesses or risks from being passed on.

6. Fend Off The Stress

The more stressed your man is the more chance there is of his sperm being negatively affected. Maybe don’t tell him this, though, just in case he starts expecting you to do everything for him, you know. Instead, subtly hint at the reasons why sleeping and eating well is so important, sign him up to the gym, go on runs together, stock up on herbal teas and, last but not least, encourage a bit of guy time. Tell him to go and blow off some steam with his buddies. Anything that will help him stay more relaxed than Obama post-presidency.

7. Cap The Caffeine-Intake

It’s the one drug that most of us can’t live without. The first thing most of us do after opening our eyes in the morning. And your man is probably no different. The problem is those men that enjoy a lot of coffee and/or sugary drinks will find it starts to affect their sperm count. As such, your man needs to try and cap his caffeine intake to less than 300 milligrams a day. That means watching how much coffee he drinks, soda, tea, chocolate, biscuits and, yeah, energy drinks too.


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