Perfect Pesto Pasta

Perfect Pesto Pasta

I've got a series of Pasta posts coming up so I thought it only right that I also arm you with some sauces. Here you have the easiest, quickest and most delicious family meal, Pesto. 

Yes you can buy it in a jar but if you get used to making it yourself you will wonder why you ever went to the shop. It's so quick and can be adapted to what you have at home. 

For now I'm going to give you a traditional Ligurian Pesto recipe. This is a starting point and then as you get more confident you can swap the types of nuts and bunches of herbs. 

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik


  • Approximately 2 tbsp of pine nuts but I love these so I'm a bit generous!

  • 35g Parmesan

  • 35g Pecorino

  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled.

  • 2 decent handfuls/bunches of basil, stalks removed.

  • 6 tbsp of olive oil, add more to your taste.


Technically you are meant to add nuts, salt to your taste and the garlic together. I use a hand blender for this. Then gradually add the basil. Once all combined add the cheese and stir until the mixture is incorporated but still has some texture. 

I tend to just blend it all together depending on time! Always have a taste because you can keep adding bits of the different ingredients until you are happy. Sometimes a bit of lemon works really well! 

I love using almonds or walnuts instead of pine nuts and parsley or fennel leaves instead of basil. Experiment and you will find a lovely, fresh pasta sauce at your finger tips! 

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Buon appetito! Mangia mangia!

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