"New" States You Need To Visit

"New" States You Need To Visit

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

The USA is such a diverse, vast country that choosing where you should visit next can be a huge undertaking. With so many different areas to explore, narrowing down the overwhelming number of options can be a task so complex that just researching it is enough to make you feel like you need a vacation!

Given the amount of choice, you may find it beneficial to make such a decision on a simpler basis. Take, for example, the states that have the prefix “new”. There’s nothing particular to unite these states except for a quirk of naming-- but that nevertheless is enough to give you a decent head-start on narrowing down your options.

Below is an overview of the “new” states and what they have to offer a tourist searching for their next travel delight…

New Jersey

New Jersey is an interesting state, but sadly one that few people consider when looking for a holiday destination. This is odd, given that the state has so much to offer-- you’ll never be short of exciting things to do in the Garden State.

Cape May is one of the best seaside resorts in the whole of the US, and features a host of incredible beaches as well as attractions -- such as the famous lighthouse -- to explore on foot. Alternatively, head to Ocean City for the ultimate boardwalk experience, as well as the chance to sample some of the finest seafood cuisine in the land.

New York

New York City is the obvious crowning jewel of the state of NY; most of us could peruse an event calendar for New York and find something to our liking. The islands of the city are undoubtedly a fantastic location for a vacation and one you’ll definitely want to consider, but they’re not the only option in this diverse state.

For an entirely different vibe, head to the Adirondack Mountains, a beautiful area that is perfect for fans of cycling and mountain-biking in the High Wilderness peaks. You can also visit the famous Lake Placid while in the area for the ultimate “outdoors” style vacation.

New Mexico

New Mexico is a state for the wanderers; those who want to abandon civilization for awhile and enjoy adventures in the unknown. The stunning Carlsbad Caverns make for a truly incredible day trip, while the Bandelier National Monument is well worth the trek.

If you’re craving a metropolitan fix, then head to Albuquerque, a city famed for its nightlife and connection with famous TV shows.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the perfect state for those who want to experience the great outdoors, but there’s a few interesting cities to consider if you prefer a cosmopolitan city break. Concord and Manchester offer plenty of city adventures that are well worth considering.

However, there’s no doubt that NH’s big appeal is its wide, open spaces and lush verdant parks. Top of the list to visit is Flume Gorge, a natural ravine that makes for a hiking experience unlike any other.

In conclusion

Selecting a holiday destination based off a name quirk might not seem like the most sensible decision, but given the delights these “new” states promise, there’s no doubt that they justify the idea. So the next time you’re looking for a New place to visit on vacation, look no further than Jersey, York, Mexico, and Hampshire.


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