Valentine’s Day Ready: From Head to Toe - Guest Post by Brigitte Evans

Valentine’s Day Ready: From Head to Toe

The most romantic holiday is right around the bend, darlings! Are you eager to spend some quality time with your partner and enjoy a date night? We know you want to look alluring and make the whole evening special, but how do you make sure you’re the most gorgeous and seductive lady around? Well, all it takes is some clever preparation and style, and we’ve got a few tips that will really help you shine and stun your dearest.


Prepare in advance

A long, elaborate preparation is only going to stress you out and make you grumpy if you try to shove it all in one day, and it’s very likely you’ll just end up looking messy. Schedule you waxing and stylist appointment a few days before V-Day, especially if you plan to have them touch up your roots and give you some elaborate haircut. If you want to spray tan, definitely do that a week in advance to give your tan a chance to even out and look completely natural. Eyebrow plucking, teeth whitening, and cosmetic treatments should also be done in advance.

Captivate with your outfit


Lace, satin, velvet, the colour red. You want both visual and tactile sensation in your outfit, you want his hand to fall on the soft fabric of your dress, for his eyes to light up as he sees you in something that enhances your feminine beauty. If you’re bold and daring, a wrap dress with a V-neck will give you a stunning hourglass figure, which you can pair with black or metallic sandals and show some leg. If you want something sweeter, why not pick cream or pink powder see-through blouse and wear it over a lace undershirt? Pair a pencil dress and some pumps with this and you’ll look elegant and beautiful.

Skincare to bring out the glow


It’s time to pamper your skin! You want to bring out that natural, delicate glow and have healthy-looking skin, so using quality natural beauty products is important. Exfoliate your skin gently, cleanse, tone, and then use a sheet mask to replenish the moisture. Hydrate further with a light moisturizer and you’ll create the perfect base for applying your makeup.

Smoky makeup

Smoky eyes are the epitome of allure and pretty much the perfect choice for a date night. Here’s the deal though, you don’t have to go for a full-on black, dramatic smoky eye if that’s not your thing. Stick to bronze, rose gold, or cranberry tones for a more delicate look, or go even more minimal and simply line your eyes with a soft brown eye pencil, then smudge the line with a dense smudge brush (or your finger). Some mascara, and you’re done! For lips, we recommend a bold red lip (Mac’s Russian Red is a good choice), or a simple, soft nude (Miss Kensington from Charlotte Tilbury is really nice).

Tousled, sexy hair


Unless you’re going to a really fancy restaurant, we’d recommend that you avoid prim and proper buns. You want that sultry look, you want your curls loose and messy, relaxed. The evening is all about sensual pleasure and your enjoyment, you want to be able to give your partner a little smirk and tuck a strand behind your ear, you want them to be able to run their fingers through your hair. Use a hair curler or try these heatless curl tutorials for some stunning locks.

Final details

A dab of perfume behind your ear, a shimmery hairpin, and a sexy smile are the finishing details! Don’t forget some hot red lingerie (why not try a corset?) and an infectiously good mood that will spread over you both. Time for some romance!

The most romantic thing you can do for Valentine’s Day is leave all your worries aside and dedicate an entire evening to bonding with your partner. Relax, sip some wine, and snuggle them – no matter where you are, you’ll have a great time together.



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