Mothers come in many forms - Guest Post by Ebony Drummond

Mothers come in many forms - Guest Post by Ebony Drummond

Today we have a touching post from Ebony of The Role Model Diaries. Ebony writes about the wonderful friendship she has with her partner's daughter and how she sees herself as less of a Step Mum but really a Role Model. It's very clear though that Ebony has a very strong and admirable mothering instinct! Have a read of this endearing story of two best friends...


I would firstly like to start with thanking Kristie at Mammaprada for allowing me to be a part of her weekly guest post series. Here's a little insight into how The Role Model Diaries came to be what it is today and also how I identify as a Role Model rather than a Step Mum. 

I should start by saying my name is Ebony! I am 23 and I work in the Adult Services department in my local council. When I was 21 I met a guy who had a two year old daughter. I never intended to meet someone with a child because I was planning on travelling and working on board cruise liners in the Childcare Department. But I fell in love with his care free attitude, his ability to play guitar and his smile.


We went on some dates and then he asked me to meet little lady. The night before I let one of my oldest friends talk me into going out and getting drunk. So with a head like cotton wool and several teeth brushing sessions (I was convinced you could smell the wine on my breath) I went to meet him and his little lady. My guy was parked waiting for me, I walked towards the car whilst clutching a Frozen magazine. I peered in and saw this small human and all of a sudden I felt this need to watch her sleep and hold her tiny hand. That feeling has never changed.

That is where our journey began…

Fast forward 2 years and I’m here. I now live with my guy and little lady comes every other weekend.

People ask who I am to this little lady...


Well first and foremost I am Ebby.

I am the one who buys her bath bombs.

I am the one who sings along to all the Disney songs.

I am the one who lets her paint her nails and lets her paint mine.

I am the one who encourages her to read.

I am the one who encourages her to choose clothes that make her feel comfortable. I always stand in the mirror and I ask “do you feel beautiful?”

I am the one who buys her Kiss t-shirts for Christmas because that's her favourite band and she’s only 4!

You see I’m not anything in particular really. I’m not her Step Mum because she has a Mum who she loves very much.

I wish to respond to how little lady needs me to be and so one day when a friend asked me;

"Well what are you then if you’re not a Step Mum?" I simply said, "I am her Role Model".


I want her to see someone who practices self love, who is true to herself and others around her and that when you put your mind to something you can do anything you want to do.

While it hasn’t always been plain sailing there have been times when she’s called me bossy, where she ignores what I ask her to do or she simply doesn’t want me she wants her Daddy. But I understand that and I respect that boundary and we have built our relationship around that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I hope one day little lady finds the Role Model Diaries Instagram and Blog. I hope that she gets a chance to read all the posts, to see all the photos and realise how much I have always loved her. But most importantly that little lady will know the positive impact she has had on my life.

So little lady if you’re reading this today. I hope you have never forgotten that I will always be and have always been your biggest fan, your best friend and your role model.