5 Italian Words or Phrases (#DolceVitaBloggers)

5 Italian Words or Phrases (#DolceVitaBloggers)

This month at Dolce Vita Bloggers we're writing about our 5 Favourite Italian Words or Phrases!

It's pretty hard to pick just five as you come across so many wonderful words when you study languages. 

These are mine, although I had to do words AND phrases as there were too many! 


Italian Words

  1. Cucciolo/a = an animal cub but often used for baby dogs/puppies and children!
  2. Menefreghismo = General tendency to not care about something. 
  3. Pantofolaio = To be a home-bird, someone who likes to stay in. 
  4. Sazio = To be full from eating, rather than Pieno which is if something else is full, like a glass. 
  5. Chiacchierare = To chat. I still struggle to pronounce this! 


Italian Phrases

  1. Fresco come un fiore = Fresh as a flower (I used to get told this before I had two children!)

  2. Acqua in bocca = Don't say a word. When you have water in your mouth you can't talk! 

  3. Avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca = You can't have a full cask of wine and a drunk Wife! In English we say "To have your cake and eat it". 

  4. Avere le braccine corte = To have short arms. Meaning you can't reach your wallet. It's a little dig to those who never pay for things.

  5. Andare a letto con le galline = To go to bed early with the hens. Or ‘Non andare a letto con le galline’ Meaning to go to bed late. 


What are your favourite Italian Words?

Do you have favourites in another language?


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