Italian Christmas gifts for the Woman who loves a surprise!

I know I am one of those women who loves a great surprise gift at Christmas. Something unusual, well made, an item you are desperate to wear or use!

I also know I don’t like to leave the purchaser so completely to their own devices that the gift is, well disappointing! So this probably makes me and other women like me a bit of a disaster to buy for!

Now I tend to send my Husband hints. By this I mean I email him a selection of links and I am ‘surprised’ by which item he chooses! Very unromantic but it saves us all a lot of time.

If you would love to genuinely surprise the woman in your life with something beautiful though, take a look at these. I’ve specifically chosen items I find bring me joy and where possible have links to our beloved Italia…

CREDIT: Unsplash

CREDIT: Unsplash

1. Lois Avery Cashmere

To say that I am a fan of this brand is rather an understatement! I own three Lois Avery cashmere scarves and I can’t see me stopping there as soon as my purse allows!

Lois Avery was founded by lawyer and mother Jennie. The brand is very sweetly named after her Grandmother.

Deciding to leave behind her traditional law career and setup on her own, I find Jennie pretty inspirational! Her business has come a long way very quickly due to her passion and dedication.

A lover of all things Italian, her shawls are made in Northern Italy by the most renowned family-owned mills. The cashmere comes from different breeds of Asiatic goats including Capra Hircus Blythi. These goats produce one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and it is woven into cashmere products made not only for Lois Avery, but for some of the world’s most famous fashion designers.

Here is just one of the stunning colours available; Slate. The names are pretty special too, I have Blackberry, Rose’ and Verde!

2. Mosaico Jewellery

Mosaico is a wonderful jewellery brand celebrating the beauty of semi-precious gemstones. Their items are unique and made from a variety of gemstones such as Amethyst, Garnet, Tiger Eye and Labradorite to name only a few!

This is their gorgeous Mary Alice double necklace. It has two separate strands in different lengths to suit your outfit or occasion. They can be worn together or as standalone pieces.

The bright stones are Russian Amazonite on a Sterling Silver chain. I love that all of the jewellery is so vibrant in colour and makes a real statement. They are definitely pieces which will be talked about!

3. TOAD Designer Diaries

Who doesn’t adore new stationary and notebooks? How many of you secretly enjoy finding the perfect diary for the New Year?

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way and I’ve had my addiction completely satisfied after discovering Toad Diaries.

The amount of customisation they allow you to have is mind blowing. You can choose a diary or notebook in any format and for any purpose.

Would you like to have 13 months? A page per view? A week? How about a fitness planner? Or a journal for University?

Would you love an aspirational quote as your cover? Or monogrammed? Wirebound, hardback or flexible leather? The options are incredible.

I’m really enjoying that I have a current year and next year planner in the front of my diary. At a glance I can see two years of activity! Then within the diary I have a week to view with a notes page.

Apart from looking lovely there is no need to feel disorganised again!




4. Attavanti Leather Bags

If you’re buying for a women who appreciates a beautifully made handbag, look no further. Attavanti was setup to create a balance between excellent quality craftsmanship with affordable prices. All of their products are made completely in Italy from start to finish by artisan producers.

These Italian Leather Saddle Bags are created by Boldrini. A family run business established in 1955 from a small Tuscan shop. It has grown into a world class Italian brand. These lovely crossbody bags come in light tan and blue (pictured) brown and black.




5. Wouf Accessories

I first came across Wouf in Lugano, Switzerland. If you literally hop over the mountain from Lake Como you find yourself at another beautiful lake with a slightly different character, Lake Lugano. Here you have the small city of Lugano with its pristine buildings and immaculate stores.

I then found the items again in Lenno on Lake Como. I completely fell in love with the vibrant prints and fun designs. I think they make stunning gifts and you can’t get them just anywhere!

When I’m not in Italy I buy mine through super online store Bear and Bear. They always have a brilliant selection.




6. Italian Slogan T-Shirts

Forte mockup twitter.jpg

Here at Mammaprada we’ve recently set up our own SHOP selling Italian Slogan Tees for the whole family!

Great slogans for women are:

  • Forte - Strong

  • Mamma mia!

  • Pulcino - Chick

  • No ho fretta - I’m not in a hurry!

  • Bellissima - The most beautiful

We also have family inspired t-shirts:

  • Nonna - Grandma

  • Mamma - Mum

  • Zia - Auntie

However we can actually create anything you’d like! So a nickname, a festive word, a different language; including English! Just get in touch!

Our t-shirts are also very popular with ladies who love fitness.

So far our most popular orders are those where people have completely personalised their clothing and receive just what they would like.

There is no extra charge for personalisation. Email me your ideas and I will send you a mock-up to view. Ask!

Mamma mockup black.png

7. Pulcina by Alessi

Using a play on the word ‘Pulcino’ meaning Chick! The famous Italian designer kitchen brand Alessi have created a Moka coffee pot in the shape of… a little chick! And they’ve called it a ‘Pulcina’, the ‘a’ at the end making it a female coffee pot!

Can you tell this is on my wish list? You can find them on Amazon or John Lewis.



8. Intimissimi

I didn’t really intend to talk about my underwear! However I discovered Intimissimi over ten years ago when my Husband first started taking me to the village of Bormio, an Italian mountain resort.

The small main street Via Roma didn’t have many shops at the time but it did have this store.

Intimissimi is a regular high street shop in Italy. I don’t think Italians realise how lucky they are to have such stunning, classy, yet very sexy items at great prices and in every town.

We now have them in the UK, on Oxford Street and the Kings Road in London. However thanks to the power of the internet you don’t have to trek into Central London at Christmas to find some incredible gifts!

Buon Natale! Happy Christmas!

Have any of these inspired your Christmas shopping?

Would the woman in your life love one of these gifts?

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