Homeownership: When Hiring a Contractor Is Necessary

There are many odd jobs around the home that the average homeowner can do on their own. However, when a repair or addition requires a skill achieved through experience, it's best to hire a contractor or licensed professional


A leaky faucet is a quick fix that most people can repair in minutes. However, what if suddenly you have no running water or have very low water pressure? Chances are there's a serious obstruction or a broken pipe involved. Replacing pipes requires skill. It's not just about cutting away the old piece of pipe and replacing it with a new one. Sweating the pipe is necessary and if it isn’t done right, can further complicate the situation. 

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash


Putting in a new ceiling fan where a light previously existed is no problem since the wiring is already in place. However, adding a light fixture to your ceiling is another story. This requires running a line from the wall to the ceiling and unless you have the proper training, you can cause damage to your existing wiring system and possibly harm yourself. 


If you have no fear of heights, replacing a few worn shingles on the roof may seem easy enough to do. However, without the proper knowledge of a roof, the quick fix may end up costing you more money. Professional roofers can access your roof in minutes to see if it's worth the money to replace a few shingles or if there's moisture underneath the area that will eventually cause damage inside your home. In addition, climbing up and down a ladder and walking across a roof with a pitch is dangerous and can even cause a serious injury. 

Pest Control

A few ants or an occasional noise in your cabinets is something a homeowner can resolve pretty much on their own. You buy a few ant and mouse traps and follow the package directions. Problem solved. But, is it really? What it the few ants you see are inside your walls in massive numbers and they are not sugar ants but carpenter ants? And, what if that noise in your wall isn't a mouse but rather a family of raccoons? Without someone with experience trained in the field, you won't fix the problem. Luckily regardless of where you live, say for instance Nashville, you can look up a qualified service like Moxie Pest Control in Nashville and let them do a thorough search of your home. Then, even if it turns up empty, you'll have peace of mind. 

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Tree Removal

You have a lot of square footage outdoors. However, most of it is unusable due to an abundance of trees. You may think that with the help of a couple of strong friends you can cut those trees down and viola! You now have a large back yard. Tree removal is a difficult job that requires skilled laborers. For instance, if a tree shows signs of damage, it can fall in an unpredictable direction, such as right toward your home or your vehicle. Or worse yet, it can fall on you or a friend. Some trees are also home to many different types of bugs and animals, another situation you will have to deal with, and possibly while on a ladder. Hiring a professional tree removal service may cost a few bucks, however, they have the skills and insurance in place, in the event that anything goes wrong. Plus, they also remove the debris, something you will have to do on your own.

Many homeowners are somewhat of a handyman too (or think they are). They can make minor repairs, and do simple tasks like painting a room, adding weather stripping and insulating pipes. These are great ways to maintain your home and help to improve its value, on a smaller scale. However, when it comes to the big projects, it's always best to err on the side of caution and hire a professional.

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