German Bilingual Children's Books - Week #20

German Bilingual Children's Books

Bilingual Children - Week #20

This week on our Bilingual Children series I'm focusing on German resources. 

This is actually a language I studied at school and although I'm very rusty, I'm considering introducing it to my son as his third language. 

It's so very different in structure to Italian that I feel to learn it early in life may make things easier for him. Given that we spend a lot of time around Lake Como and Northern Italy; and may live there one day. Being close to the border of Switzerland, this part of Italy sees vast numbers of German tourists who drive south for holidays. So it could be a useful language for his future. 

Whatever your reason for learning German, hopefully these books for a variety of age groups will be useful.

German for Kids.jpg

Birth to age 5

From age 5 upwards

I hope you've found this list useful!

If you can't find what you need let me know! 


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German for Kids.jpg

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