How to bring more natural light into your home

Do you wish you could bring more natural light into your home?

Our ground floor is quite dark so I’m always conscious of this. We’ve combated the issue in several ways and they make such an impact.

CREDIT: Unsplash

CREDIT: Unsplash

1. Shades of…white

Think honestly about the colour of your walls. You may love that ‘feature wall’ of patterned wallpaper but actually it can make the room close in. Although you may be trying to avoid having magnolia everywhere, lighter colours make a dramatic difference to the perception of light.

Try off-white shades such as apple white, lemon, pale lilac and antique creams. They all add warmth and colour but keep the general palette very bright.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

2. Lighting

We should all use a variety of lighting, much more than we do. It’s also easy to create a room and not really think where the light is needed due to its function.

For instance where in the kitchen do you always prepare food? You will need much stronger direct lighting in that area.

Do you have a nook and cosy chair where you always sit and read? If so have soft overhead lighting plus a low light on a side table.

Is there a room which doesn’t get the sun at a certain time of day. Change up the lighting in this area so it keeps everyone’s mood high.

If ceilings are lower in a particular place use spotlights which don’t encroach on the room.

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

3. Make the most of what you have

It’s really important to consider where your natural light is coming from.

Are your windows tired and foggy? Sometimes older windows start to lose their clarity and combined with smaller traditional frames can keep a house darker. This has a big impact on how much light you are experiencing.

If your windows need updating try adding double glazed windows that really help open up a room. Add one large window, a sky light or sliding doors.

Consider your window dressings, as heavy bulky curtains can actually make the windows appear smaller. Sheer fabrics work better in areas where you don’t feel overlooked.

4. Bring the outside in

If you have space think about bringing the garden closer! Extending your home with a conservatory brings a whole new dynamic to the ground floor.

Of any change you can create in your home; this brings in the most amount of light to the floor which has the least. Trading glass for walls can also actually improve the natural flow of energy through your home.

You are also investing in your property by creating a new room which is usable all year round. This can make a big difference to the occupants in Winter months when we are all starved of sunlight!

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

5. Reflection

A super quick way to add light to the upper floors, especially dark hallways is to use mirrors.

Experiment with different sizes but make sure there is plenty of glass and not just heavy ornate frames. You want as much light to be reflected as possible.

Observe which windows bring in light to which parts of the house and might catch and reflect this in a different direction. Try and hang the mirrors on the opposite walls to where the windows are situated to make the most of this sunlight bouncing in!

Bringing light into your home doesn’t have to be hard work.

With a few little touches and a change of perspective you can find long term improvements which will make you adore your home again and keep everyone cheery!

**This is a collaborative post**

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash