7 Best Christmas Gifts for New Mums - Guest Post by Brigitte Evans

7 Best Christmas Gifts for New Mums - Guest Post by Brigitte Evans


One of the common mistakes people make when shopping for new moms is getting them baby-related things. While this is a truly nice gesture and one that shows you care about her new role and her bundle of joy, of course, this is a time when a woman should be pampered. She has already been through a lot, and there are plenty of beautiful and taxing moments ahead of her, so perhaps this Christmas, take a different approach and think in terms of what you could get her that’s just for her. Baby things are practical, yes, but this year go for something completely indulgent and sentimental even. When you see the look in her eyes when she receives this type of gift, you’ll know you knocked it out of the park.

The most precious of them all


They say you should save the best for last, but no, we are putting the best gift right on the top of the list, where it belongs, and no gift can trump the gift of time. A new mum barely has time to shower, let alone do something more time-consuming for herself, so if you want to be a truly great friend, offer your services. Even the tiniest bit of time can be of great help – you could watch the baby while she takes a shower, offer to help her tidy up, or if you’re feeling truly generous, you could get her an appointment at a hair salon or book a nice relaxing massage. If she’s not comfortable leaving the baby alone, tell her you’ll accompany her and be there the entire time. This will definitely mean the world.

A touch of humor

This one is in a way baby-related, but it’s still for the mum. Motherhood can be overwhelming, especially for new parents who are doing their best at navigating this uncharted territory, and they could sure use a bit of laughter. To that end, The New Parents' Fun Book, is a great present as it helps get through the first year with a fresh perspective and plenty of humor. It includes connect-the-dots drawings, Mad Libs, and hilarious quizzes which are bound to make them fall-of-the-chair with laughter.

A new beginning


The body of a new mom has changed quite a bit, and she is now in that transition phase where the old clothes don’t quite fit and the maternity clothes are a tad too big. This is where new clothes come in to save the day. This should be something that’s equal parts beautiful and practical, so think in terms of a great maternity hoodie, which is both practical and gives away that cool-new-mom vibe. Add a pair of great dark wash jeans into the mix, and you’ll have the perfect ready-to-wear outfit that she’ll truly appreciate.

To pamper and nourish

We all know pregnancy takes a toll on the body and that women work hard to feel like themselves again, and you can help by getting her a gorgeous Noodle and Boo skin pampering set that’s particularly designed to nourish and rejuvenate post-baby skin. The elasticity oil is wonderful for the nourishment and repair of stretched skin, and the set also includes an amazing body wash and moisturizing body bar. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it also does an incredible job for the skin, so even those quick showers will seem like a micro spa day.

Speaking of beauty


A beauty survival kit might just be the best thing (second only to time). Think of all the essentials a new mom needs to look presentable when she barely has enough time to breathe. Customize your own set, and based on your knowledge it can include such thing as a cute hairband (for those days she hasn’t caught a minute to wash her hair), dry shampoo, a nice sheep lipstick that she can apply on the go and not worry about precision, a nice and easy to work foundation or BB cream for a quick touch-up. Anything you can think of can be in the box, as long as it serves to beautify her in five minutes or less.

A tear down the cheek

This one will definitely have her crying, so if you’re a stickler for sentimental gifts, this one is the perfect choice. A keepsake in the form of an initial necklace is both gorgeous and loaded with meaning, and the new mom in your life will absolutely love it (and you too). It can feature her initials, as well as the baby’s and of course, daddy’s too.

Keeping things stylish

If she was stylish before the baby, there is absolutely no reason she shouldn’t continue on being stylish. Not all diaper bags have to look, well, diaper-y. There are amazingly designed diaper bags out there that look like one of those gorgeous fashionable totes, but way more practical. A stylish mom definitely deserves something like this, because it’s not only a lifesaver for those days out with the baby, but it’s also a chic fashion statement.


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