5 educational Apps for Primary School aged children in 2019

Although I’m full of book suggestions; which I’m hoping you all enjoy! I often get asked which educational apps or websites I could recommend for children.

I agree there are some great ones out there, but finding them can be quite overwhelming.

So today I’ve created for you a list of ‘5 educational Apps for Primary School aged children’.

These fall into the main subjects you may be concerned with; English, math, science, languages and art.

CREDIT: Unsplash

CREDIT: Unsplash

1. Languages

Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children

We recently tried this new app with our children. Unuhi, meaning ‘translate’ in Hawaiian! This is an app that provides dual language eBooks, for children aged 2 to 10 years old.

You can pair any two languages you’d like into eBook stories or flashcards. There are 20 languages to choose from and some also include audio.

The illustrations are really beautiful and completely captivated my little girl. There are kids’ stories, flashcards, seasonal themes and much more.

It’s available on both the iPad and Android, you get the first book for free and the others range in price from $0.99 to $2.99.

To use Unuhi, simply download the app, select your two languages, and start reading! Once you have them on your device, there’s no internet connection required so you can take them on a plane or read them anywhere.

These come across as a really high quality educational experience. The text appears in one language at the top of the page and in the second language at the bottom.

The audio recording is clear. It’s very user friendly and actually quite tactile as the illustrations are so well created.

Give it a try and let your little ones support their school French or holiday Spanish this year!

Credit: Unuhi.

Credit: Unuhi.

2. English language


A very sweet website experience for children learning English language at school is iKnowABC.

Children are encouraged to go on adventures to help animals from around the world to find secret letters! The adventure process takes children on a journey to learn the 26 letters and how to use them.

There are 5 levels to work through. I love that there’s a parent section where you can see a summary of each lesson. There are tips along the way and ‘Momspiration’ to keep your children focused.

Through a selection of eBooks, soundtracks and arts & crafts the site helps you guide your child through the alphabet. There are 5 eBooks, 27 webisodes, 15 original songs, games, activities and much more!

I also find it reassuring to know that the programme was created by teachers.

You can have a Rain Forest workbook for FREE when you subscribe to their mailing list. Then there is a 3 month membership or yearly starting from $19.99.

Credit: iKnowABC.

Credit: iKnowABC.

3. Math

We really like Math Training for Kids.

This is one area my 6 year old really struggles with. Especially simple math. He can cope with multiplication but adding and subtracting numbers between 0-20 and he goes blank!

I think he knows it but he has little confidence in this area and then the worry takes over. He really thinks he’s dreadful, poor thing!

We’ve been trying lots of different methods and actually never considered using an app, but it has made a big difference.

This one has different levels of difficulty. A tab for each topic; division, subtraction etc.

They can work through at their own pace and a little flower grows each time they get a correct answer. I would really encourage you to try this if you are having similar issues as we are!

Oh and it’s FREE!

Credit: Maths Training for Kids

Credit: Maths Training for Kids

4. Science

DIY Sun Science

Funded by NASA! Yes that’s right! This app allows families to investigate and learn about the Sun at home, at school, or anywhere you go!

Created to spark interest in astronomy and inspire learning, it includes over a dozen, user friendly activities to learn about the Sun. Each one with step-by-step instructions that have been tested by teachers, kids, and families.

You can view live images of the Sun from NASA’s SDO satellite in the Sun Observatory. See collections of images and videos of the Sun from various observatories on Earth and in space!

Learn about the various features of the Sun, how scientists are studying it, and see videos of the Sun from the past 48 hours.

It has great reviews, the only downside is it’s only available on iPad.

5. Art

Art Of Glow

I’ve included two here as they suit different purposes. Art of Glow is a crazy fluorescent art app. It’s very appealing and you create moving shapes and lines in glowing colour with your fingers. You can change the settings for speed, shape, and colour then watch the brightly-illuminated images you create. It has a black screen that helps the glowing colors pop! Although quite therapeutic, I think it suits younger children.

It’s available for FREE on both iOS and Android.

Art Authority K-12

I’ve included an extra app for older children. Art Authority K-12 for iPad is like visiting a real world art gallery. You see the rooms filled with masterpieces and learn about each painting. Children can discover facts about the artists’ life and works, dates paintings were created and much more.

Oh and anything with nudity has been removed!

It’s great for those who have started to show an interest in art history and want to learn a bit more with quality screen time.

I hope these will help you support your child’s learning.

Which tech tools do you use with your children?

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Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash