One Third Stories: GIVEAWAY! (Closed)

Helping your children become bilingual

Many of you may wonder what is the best way to ignite an interest in languages in your children. 

Even if neither of you as parents speak a second language, there is no reason why your child can't start to learn one and enjoy it. 

Children start to learn languages at school in the UK age 7 years old. This is a bit of a revolution as until 2015 the starting age was 11. 

We all pick up languages easier the earlier we start, (The best time is ages 0-5!) After that it becomes more effort but it's still absolutely possible to master it. 

Creating a desire in your child to learn a language is key and most children do not want to do anything that feels like a chore. 

I've been hunting for the last 5 years for language learning resources that would encourage my son, and now my little daughter as well, to learn their Father's language, Italian. 

We came across One Third Stories last year who create stunning bilingual books and story boxes to light up your child's world and help them learn a host of vocabulary in a second language. The exciting part is they won't even realise they are learning! 

This week on Mammaprada we are giving away, yes giving away! Three books from One Third Stories. With a choice of languages: Italian, Spanish or French.

Three lucky winners will receive a book each and will be able to get started with their language learning journey. 

To enter please visit @Mammaprada on Instagram, good luck - In bocca al lupo!