Best Things to Do in Verona for a Short Break

Verona is a city in the north of Italy, in the Veneto region. It’s actually the biggest city in Veneto, just before Venice.

The Comune di Verona is also one of the major tourist destinations in this part of Italy. From epic ancient Roman monuments to stunning churches, Verona is sure to take your breath away!

Oh and it’s also pretty famous for being the city where Romeo and Juliet is set.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

List of the Best Things to Do in Verona

No time to read the full guide? Don’t worry, just save the list below and use it to plan your trip to Verona!

Here are the best things to see in the city:

  1. Arena di Verona

  2. Castelvecchio

  3. Teatro Romano

  4. San Zeno Maggiore Basilica

  5. Verona Cathedral

  6. House of Romeo & Juliet

  7. Torre dei Lamberti

  8. Piazza delle Erbe

  9. Piazza Bra

  10. Palazzo Giusti and the gardens

  11. Loggia del Consiglio

  12. Castel San Pietro

  13. Sant’Anastasia Church

  14. Scaliger Tombs

  15. Arco dei Gavi

  16. Piazza dei Signori

So there you have them all, the very best things to do & see in Verona.

Now let’s see more info about these places.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

1- Arena di Verona

I’m sure you know about the Colosseum in Rome; but did you know about the amphitheatre in Verona? The Arena di Verona looks just as magnificent as the one in Rome, though it’s only half the size.

Interesting fact about Italy: Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world, and it’s easy to understand why with so many epic monuments from ancient times.

The Arena di Verona is still in use today; in fact, it’s used as a venue for operas and music concerts.

You can get inside for around 10€, and explore it freely! 

2- Castelvecchio

Castelvecchio, literally “old castle”, is a large medieval castle built on the bank of the Adige river.

The castle is pretty massive, and you’ll need to plan a good chunk of time to explore it to the fullest. And yes, you can walk on the fortified walls!

Inside the castle is a museum, the Castelvecchio Museum. I loved seeing the fine collection of gold works, weapons, sculptures and of course paintings.

Make sure you don’t miss the Ponte di Castelvecchio, the stunning bridge in front of the castle. You can walk across, but you’ll get the best view of it from inside the castle!

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

3- Teatro Romano

The Teatro Romano, or Roman Theatre, is often confused with the Roman amphitheatre. It’s not the same, but it's equally worth a visit! 

It’s a large open air theatre, and it’s free to visit. I took a rest from walking in the city to sit down on the stone steps and imagined what it must have been like to see performances in ancient Roman times.

If you love history as I do, you can visit the archaeological museum right next to the theatre.

4- San Zeno Maggiore Basilica

The Basilica di San Zeno stands a bit further from the city center. It’s a short 15mn walk from the Castelvecchio, along the Adige river.

But don’t let this short walk deter you from visiting it! It’s one of the most beautiful churches to visit in Verona, both from the outside and the inside.

On top of its beauty, there’s another reason why the basilica is a popular spot in the city. According to the books, Romeo & Juliet got married in the crypt of the basilica.

5- Verona Cathedral

I loved the basilica, and I definitely loved the cathedral too. The Cattedrale Santa Maria Matricolare was built in the 12th century, and it’s still standing strong today.

The facade looks absolutely stunning from the outside, and it’s one of my favorite photo spots in the city. When I got inside, I was surprised to see it was even more beautiful than the outside!

The main chapel is covered by a dome with huge windows, letting the daylight in, and creating a warm atmosphere.

6- House of Romeo & Juliet

Let’s move away from churches for this next item on the list: the House of Romeo & Juliet.

The Casa di Giulietta is probably the most famous building in all Verona, and it’s easy to understand why.

It’s the house of Juliet, with the balcony where she calls Romeo from. It’s the most crowded spot in the city, with lovers from all over the world joining in this part of the city.

You can get to the courtyard for free, or pay a small fee to get inside the house and out on the balcony.

7- Torre dei Lamberti

And of course, I couldn’t finish this guide without more details about the Torre dei Lamberti.

This tall medieval tower overlooks the city of Verona, and it’s a definite must-see in any visit to Verona. First, take the time to admire the tower from the outside.

Then, pay the 5€ ticket to get inside the tower, and climb all the way to the top. You’ll be rewarded with the most incredible view of the city, one that I probably won’t forget anytime soon.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

More Things to See in Verona

And there it is, your full guide of the best things to do in Verona! Of course, there is much more to discover in the city, but this is a good starting point for a short trip.

If you’re staying longer in the city, here are a few more things to discover: 

  1. Piazza delle Erbe

  2. Piazza Bra

  3. Palazzo Giusti and the gardens

  4. Loggia del Consiglio

  5. Castel San Pietro

  6. Sant’Anastasia Church

  7. Scaliger Tombs

  8. Arco dei Gavi

  9. Piazza dei Signori

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