The Best Photo Spots In Italy That You Must Visit

It goes without saying but Italy is a beautiful country with so much to offer in terms of scenery, food, activities and more. Everywhere you go, you’ll find photo opportunities to take advantage of. But where to begin? Where are the best photo spots in Italy? Let’s find out here!

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Now, back to the hotspots for your dazzling snapshots…

Credit: Unsplash. Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre

The shimmering coastline waters, the lovely colourful buildings, and the sprawling vegetation make Cinque Terre the perfect place to get some amazing pictures. You’ve probably already seen endless pictures of this area on Instagram or Pinterest, though it’s easy to see why. It’s unique, memorable, and definitely somewhere you need to have on your bucket list.

Lake Garda

Whilst you may have to battle with other tourists for the best pictures here, it is still worth a visit as the views are captivating and you can even go on a boat in the water or have a swim. As well, there are plenty of hiking options around Lake Garda if you want to get more of a birdseye view of the area. You’re guaranteed to get yourself some amazing photographs this way!


What would a list of Italian hotspots be without Venice on it? Incredibly recognisable, as it is so well-documented and unique, everybody should go to Venice at least once in their lives. Again, it is awash with tourists, but if you go at quieter times of the year, when it’s low season, you’ll be able to appreciate the sights more and get all your best pictures.

Credit: Unsplash. Venice.


The capital of Italy is jam-packed with photo opportunities, especially if you love history, as with all of the famous landmarks you will be spoilt for choice. There’s the Trevi Fountains, St Peter’s Basilica, The Sistine Chapel and so much more. Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes and take yourself on a walking tour of all the places you want to see.


If you want to get a little off the beaten track, and you wish to experience a bit of the Italian countryside in all its natural beauty, then Tuscany is a great place for you to visit. It is famed for its rolling-hills landscapes, as well as its wine, so be sure to make the most of both! Your gallery will be bursting with incredible photos after a trip to Tuscany. Florence and Pisa are both situated in this region, so consider paying both of these places a visit whilst you’re in the area.

Italy is a diverse, fabulous country with so much to see and do. The photo opportunities you’ll have here are abundant, so start planning your trip as soon as possible!

Credit: Unsplash. Tuscany.

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