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Our purpose is to unite bloggers & vloggers based on our shared love of Italy, and to create a positive, supportive community that embodies the conviviality of Italian culture.

Let’s share our dolce vita from the food to the language.

Very much like a virtual aperitivo hour!


Any blogger/vlogger who loves Italy! You may write or speak in English OR Italian. 

Whether you are Italian, have Italian heritage, married to an Italian, or just plain Italian at heart!

The only criteria to participate is that you want to share your love for Italy on your blog and support other bloggers who love Italy.


Every 3rd Sunday of the month, your hosts Kelly from, Jasmine  from, and myself, Kristie from team up to invite bloggers to all post on the same predetermined Italy-related topic.


See the steps below to join!  

There are multiple steps involved and we know it can be a little overwhelming at first so please feel free to get in touch with any one of us for more information!

Email Kristie here: mammaprada@

how To Join

1. Follow your hosts on Instagram and/or Twitter to stay up to date about upcoming #DolceVitaBloggers monthly topics. We’re all about creating community, so we’ll follow you back too! 

Kelly: Instagram: @kellysdolcevita Twitter: @italianatheart_
Jasmine: Instagram: @questadolcevita Twitter: @questadolcevita
Kristie: Instagram: @mammaprada Twitter: @MammaPrada

2. Write your post or film your vlog (in English or Italian) on any Italy related topic. Include the Dolce Vita Bloggers badge (html code below for bloggers) and mention your hosts Kelly, Jasmine and Kristie at the beginning of your post or vlog description.

3. Publish your post or vlog on your own site.

3. Link up! After you have published your post, Add your link to the current #DolceVitaBloggers blog post of one of the hosts. Click the blue “add your link” button at the bottom of the host’s post to add yours (it will sync with all hosts’ posts). Then your post will be added to the link up! (Here are some directions for how to add your post to a link up if you’ve never done it before).

4. Interact! Since the goal is to create a community, please kindly leave a comment on a host’s post, as well as the person who linked up before you. Of course, feel free to comment on as many posts as you like! Think of it as chatting with people at a party…the more comments you make (and respond to) the more fun it will be!

5. Share your post on social media! Whether you share your post on Instagram or Twitter, make sure to tag #DolceVitaBloggers so that the hosts can mention you in IG stories or re-tweet you.

Badge HTML


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