How to nurture happy bilingual babies, minus the anxiety

Bilingual Children - Week #19

Welcome back to Mammaprada! I feel like we are starting afresh with the new school term. 

I hope you all had a lovely Summer and spent time with friends and family either at home or abroad. What did you get up to? Tell me below in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who is a regular reader of Mammaprada. It's great to have you back again and there is A LOT coming over the next few months. I will have both of my children in school finally! So my capacity has increased and all the little projects I've been dying to get off the ground I am hoping will come to fruition! 

Welcome as well to everyone who has just found this site! It's wonderful to have you join us. Please do feel free to comment below and say what your particular story is. 

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Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | How to nurture bilingual babies, minus the anxiety

So how to nurture happy bilingual babies, minus the anxiety! 

As this post is specifically for those wishing to raise children bilingually please start with these resources. 

- Download my FREE one pager on the '5 Things to consider when raising a bilingual child'.   

-  Would you like to hear the background of how we've raised our children bilingually? If so listen in to my podcast with The Bittersweet Life here. 

- If you'd like to join a little community of other parents doing on the same path, please head over to our Facebook group Bilingual Children & Bambini Bilingue Here you can ask questions, I will share my latest posts but also research and interesting articles I find on the topic of raising children with languages. 

- Over the next 3 months I will be publishing several more downloads which will help you deal with your goals, obstacles and the myths around bilingualism. All which have the potential to stall your bilingual journey! But we won't let that happen!

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