How fluent would you like your child's language to be?

Bilingual Children - Week #21

This week on Bilingual children I’m sharing a document I’ve created on levels of fluency.

It’s very easy to have in your mind that you would like your child to be bilingual without maybe considering what this really means.

If you think long and hard about how you would like your child to use a language; where they will use it?

How well will they will speak it? This will help you decide how much learning and effort needs to go into the process.

You may want your child to be fully bilingual. Or you might decide conversing with grandparents and surviving on holiday is great.

Maybe you would like them to be able to work in the second language country, this would be an achievement in itself!

Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Determining your child's language fluency

Please read the guide and take time to think about what you would like your child to learn and to which level.

It’s a great starting point and can help with the general feelings of overwhelm we sometimes have!

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Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Language goals for children
Mammaprada Italian Travel and Bilingual Parenting Blog | Levels of language fluency for kids

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