7 Language learning hacks for holidays

Bilingual Children - Week #16

Are you off on holiday soon and not sure how to keep up with your child's language learning? Or maybe you are around this Summer and would love to begin/ continue the momentum you've created? 

If so I've gathered together 7 products which can be used at home or away without taking up too much space. 

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1. Flashsticks

I've talked about these great little post-it notes before. These are sticky coloured notes with words to learn along with pronunciation and a small picture. You can buy these in a variety of languages and take them away with you. They can be placed inside a notebook or on an item around the house. This way you are reminded regularly of certain words without consciously learning them. 


2. Books: On Holiday in.... 

We love these books. They start with words and phrases you can learn before you leave. Then give your children challenges to use their new found words whilst they are away on holiday. 

Technically they are age 7 upwards but my 6 year old can use them with a bit of guidance. 

3. Brain Box card game

If you'd like to take some games away with you, or just enjoy some over the summer. These Brain Box games are so useful. With a variety of cards with bilingual words and pictures to recognise, they make the whole process of learning more fun. You need more than one player and they are suitable for children over 3 years old. The box is also not too cumbersome so you can stick it in a suitcase. 


4. KLOO's Learn a language Cards

KLOO's specialise in products which make language learning fun for children and young adults. Lots of them are quite portable as well which helps when travelling. We love these small decks of cards but you can find board games and much more on Amazon. 

5. Bedtime stories

My children love their books so we always try and keep the ritual of bedtime stories going even if they're been running outside feral in the sun for hours! Luckily now there are lots of stories available in many languages so it's easy to find one or two your children will love. 

Remember you don't need to take lots with you. Children actually like hearing the same story over and over as there is comfort in knowing the ending and it's great for their development. 

6. CD - baby boom boom

If you'd like something even easier for your suitcase these CDs for little ones are perfect. They have a variety of songs and nursery rhymes in two languages per CD. We have English and Italian, so you hear 'Old MacDonald had a farm' in both languages. Which may sound wonderful or terrible! I will leave that up to you to decide! However my kids love them and so do any visiting friends! 

7. Sticker books

If all else fails, buy some stickers! Does anyone else have a child who loves a sticker book?! These are a really sweet collection and great for young children. They may even suit the journey for those who don't sleep and need constant entertainment! I have one sleeper and one child who is always awake so I need quite a few magic items in my bag to get through the boring journey. 


What do you think of the selection above?

Would these help you teach your children on holiday? 

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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