Who is mammaprada?

I’m Kristie Prada, an English mother of two bambini, married to an Italian and embracing all things Italy! Living in a mixed-culture, bi-lingual family provides us with lots of opportunity for travel, family experiences and, of course, all that Italian food!

I'm qualified in Digital Marketing and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I have over 10 years experience working in communications for large corporations but have also been in hands-on roles in several small startups!

Our Audience

Any products I promote, we try as a family first. We believe in being genuine and transparent. Our audience have come to expect this of us and it forms the basis of the integrity of Mammaprada.

We love to use brands that we believe in ourselves, that are ethical, have great values and a conscience!

So who visits Mammaprada? 

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What can we offer you? 

We are very open to creating a tailored package just for your business. This can be one service or many.

We offer blog posts, social sharing, pin creation and much more. Email Kristie at: to see how we can make your campaign work.

Your social media

If you're struggling to create or schedule your own social media, Mammaprada can also do this for you. 

We can offer a range of services from: 

  • Setup of channels

  • Scheduling content to your accounts

  • Help to grow your channels

  • Creating pins or graphics

Freelance writing

Kristie also writes articles for other publications. See her most recent post here for The Local Italy newspaper. 

Next Trips

Our upcoming trips are to Northern Italy, Lake Como and Valtellina. If you are looking for content for these locations please get in touch. 

If you are interested in working together please email us with your ideas and questions. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to our site and ci sentiamo presto! (Speak to you soon)

Kristie & Graziano xx

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