What I Love About You! To Mammaprada readers!

What I love about you! Yes My Lovely Audience! 

So as it’s Valentines week and a year since I started Mammaprada I thought I would do a little tribute to all of you! Yes you, my lovely followers! Because Mammaprada is really all about you.

The last year has been a bit of a year of discovery. It’s taken me a while to work it out (And it’s still a work in progress!). At the beginning I fell into Instagram because my little Sister told me it was “Cool to share pictures”. I really thought no one used it and I barely used my personal Facebook!

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

I then found that there was this wealth of talented people all somehow making little dreams work, many of which have turned into big successes. Some just posted their ‘Insta’ moments because they loved a great picture. For some it was all about the captions.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do at first. I knew I wanted to show the real me and be honest. I am no supermum, I’m not making the ‘having it all’ motherhood mantra work. There are days when I really struggle to post because I’m taking my children to the doctors for the fourth time that week. And there are days when I’m really excited to see if you enjoy something I’ve found or written.

I realised only too recently that the most satisfying part of this online world is offering value to you all! And with that firmly in my mind I’m starting to change how I do things. So far most of you have stayed with me, thank you!

So without any more waffle I wanted this Valentine’s Day to say thank you to you all and let you know some things about this little community we are building. I say we because I can’t and haven’t been doing it alone!

1)      Lots of you who started to follow me when I had 1 follower are still here now! Thank you for hanging in there! Many of us have no particular niche in common but we just like each other. Early adopters I think you’re supposed to be called but I prefer ‘Friends’. Some of us have actually met IRL!

Followers 3.jpg

2)      Most of you are from the USA! Lots of you are Italian Americans! Next up are the British contingent! Then Italians, Australians with Italian heritage and Maltese! Yes I know who you are! Lots of you are also French or German and raising bilingual children.

3)      You're a creative bunch with teachers, journalists, artists, linguists and chefs! There are also photographers, students and entrepreneurs!

4)      Most of you are 25-35! I’m a bit chuffed that you are interested in what this 39 year old has to say!

5)      Half of you are parents but half of you are not! This surprised me as I always thought I would be driving away the people who still have their freedom! 

But most importantly

6)      You’re all incredibly kind and inclusive towards each other. There is a global identity and appreciation for each other. So far I haven’t had to ask anyone to just ‘Be nice’ I haven’t had to say “Scroll don’t troll”. This is really important to me and what I could have only wished for when creating Mammaprada.

7)      Sharing – You all help each other out a great deal. I notice the reciprocal comments. The advice, the way you ask others to discover your favourite feeds.

8)      Lastly you make me realise that the world is actually a small place and that we are all not so different from each other. Not so far from each other. We are all generally decent humans and that’s not a bad thing to remember in the crazy times we are living in.

So thank you to each and every one of you. I do try really hard to check out each one of you, to visit your profile and view your posts. I may not always see everything due to the annoying algorithm, or sometimes I might see it 5 days later!!?!??! But I know you’re there and I appreciate each follow, each like, each supportive thumbs up or blowing kiss emoji! 

There is lots more to come on Mammaprada and I can't share it all yet but please do get in touch: mammaprada@gmail.com tell me what you would like to see more of and less of. Tell me if you want to read about more food, Italian fashion or crazy Italian in-laws! If you've had enough of parenting posts or you need to know where to go on holiday! Send over the requests and I'll do what I can! 

Con affetto!


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**This information has been gathered purely by looking at your gorgeous accounts and looking at the broad statistics that Instagram give.