Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids 

As Spring has finally arrived most of us parents find ourselves looking for those great in-between items of clothing for kids and toddlers. Things that are light and practical enough for a warm day but that can be quickly adapted for the unpredictable British weather.

You may have seen over on my Instagram feed that we have just returned from an Easter break in Cornwall. This was the perfect place to try out some Spring clothes but let's remember this season can throw anything at you from snow to sunshine so it's best to be prepared!

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Boys Soft Stretch Twill Trousers (3mths-6yrs)

In Spring and Summer I really want something that makes you feel the difference in season. Brighter happier colours, T-shirts with a bit of humour or quirkiness that make my children laugh.

I’m loving the new Next Spring ranges of Rainbow Days for girls and the Colour Pop collection for boys. Both have plenty of bright colours mixed with lots of denim, making them easy to mix and match. 

The quality of the children's clothing at Next, I think is one of best on the high Street, coupled with the amazing convenient next day delivery service it couldn’t be more practical for parents.

I love that the clothes are not too thin or transparent like some stores. Everything washes incredibly well and looks no different than the first day they are worn. The shape holds and this type of thing really matters when buying for children who always end up bit mucky like mine!

1. T-shirts

The first item I would recommend is the three packs of T-shirts. These are such good value and they don't have to be boring. There are lots with something amusing for the children to read or just great shades of different colours which you can switch around. I have these humorous ones for my son. 

 A phone box library in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. 

A phone box library in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. 

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids
Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Yellow/Navy/Ecru Slogan Raglan Short Sleeve T-Shirts Three Pack (3mths-6yrs)

2. Knitwear

Despite all of our hopes for a wonderful warm Spring and Summer, the evenings at the very least will be chilly. A light jumper or cardigan is perfect and they aren't too bulky which suits sensitive little ones who don't like the heavier, potentially itchy fabrics needed in Winter. You may not have this issue with your children but my Son just can't stand anything woolly touching his neck! The drama! Is it gender? Is it his half-Italian blood who knows! 

This season I found this gorgeous rainbow cardigan for my daughter. 

Blue Rainbow Cardigan (3mths-6yrs)

3. Chinos/Leggings

Chinos at Next come in many colours but the main thing for me is that they have adjustable waists. I have a very skinny boy and often I can't find trousers to fit him. I love that these can be smart or casual but mainly that they fit and are comfortable as the material is not too rigid. 

My daughter tends to live in leggings at the moment. With toddlers it's so easy to pull these up and down when changing them and they are obviously comfy. There are such sweet designs to be had. We use these with little cat faces all the time! A lady in a cafe asked me last week why they don't make them for adults! 

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Graphic Leggings (3mths-6yrs)

4. Dresses

I have to really persuade my daughter to wear a dress. I don't know if it's having an older brother and always playing with sticks but she just finds some skirts get in her way! When I found this cute little pinafore skirt with straps I was so delighted. She thankfully loves it due to the ears and face on the front and wanted to wear it every day of our holiday. It's very sweet and goes over all different types of T-shirts and light jumpers. 

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids
Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Denim Skirt With Braces (3mths-6yrs)   Pink T-Shirts Three Pack (3mths-6yrs)

5. Wellies

No matter what time of year it is wellies are always needed. The designs on offer at Next range from dinosaurs, sharks and rainbows to unicorns, flamingos and many more!

These are our favourites below but most importantly they're very practical due to the handles so children can pull on their own boots. It's great that they're made with super soft rubber so they don’t bend and hurt the front of your children's feet when they walk.

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids

Kids capsule wardrobe

I'm not sure I am organised enough to create a kids capsule wardrobe! However if you pick out some of these items I think you will have a lovely range of options to see you through the warmer months.

We took all of these on holiday with us and barely needed anything else. I love that although the colours were different they all complimented each other so there was little thinking on the day as to what to wear.

Even Papa' Prada could get the children ready without it looking like fancy dress! 

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your children's Spring clothing!

Which items did you love? 

Practical Spring Clothes for Kids
Practical Spring Clothes for Kids
Practical Spring Clothes for Kids


**Next gifted us some of the clothes above, however all opinions are 100% my own.**

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