Favourite Italian Recipe (#Dolcevitabloggers)

This month for the #Dolcevitabloggers link up we're writing about our 'Favourite Italian Recipe'. 

Surely this should be easy. But how many Italian dishes do you love? It's a difficult choice!

I've decided to share a quick and easy pasta recipe. One that you can make with just a few ingredients, takes less than 15 mins and can be used for guests! I know this seems impossible but this dish is a real showstopper! 

I was given this recipe years ago when I worked in a bank. A colleague of mine with Italian heritage passed it on. So now I'm playing it forward!

Many of my friends have used this since I've shared it with them. They find it's a quick dinner party meal or a comfort food when Autumn/Winter is coming. 

So I won't make you wait any longer! Here it is: 

gorgonazola pasta.jpg

Gorgonzola with tagliatelle and nutmeg

Those of you who don't like blue cheese, please give this a try! I don't like any blue cheese at all but in this dish the cream or creme fraiche balances it out and you just have a lovely rich flavour left. It's wonderful trust me! Just try it once, as I tell my children! 


  • Drizzle of olive oil

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 45g Butter

  • 1 packet approx. 150g of gorgonzola dolce cheese. Break up in to pieces as much as you can.

  • 150ml single cream or I sometimes use half fat creme fraiche to be healthier!

  • 500g fresh tagliatelle (you can use dry pasta as well but this makes the cooking time super quick!)

  • 5 sage leaves

  • Pinch of grated nutmeg

  • salt and pepper to taste



FInely chop the garlic and cook gently in the olive oil in a deep saucepan.

Once it's become translucent but not browned melt in the butter, gorgonzola and cream.

Heat and stir until the cheese has melted and everything has mixed together. Add the sage, nutmeg and salt and pepper.

Cook the pasta in salty boiling water. If you are using fresh pasta pay attention to cooking time as this will be just a few minutes.

Drain the pasta and add to the sauce. Slowly mix together on a low heat until the tagliatelle is coated in the creamy sauce.

And... that's it! It's so simple and incredibly delicious! 

 Do you think you will try this recipe?

Tell us your favourite Italian dish?

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