I'More Kids: Building self-esteem in our children

Confidence and positivity

I recently met Somayeh and Krystle of I'More Kids at a brilliant @LuckyThingsBlog Meetup! These events are fantastic for bringing together women with incredible projects and these ladies are no different. 

If you've yet to discover I'More Kids they are a children's lifestyle brand that uses positive words and affirmations to uplift and encourage our little ones. Their brand meaning and mantra really resonates with me having a highly sensitive boy... 

I'More: I'm More, I am More. More than stereotypes, more than beauty, more than grades, more than societies expectations. I am my own kind of magic and I'm here to leave my magic in the world.

Building confidence and self-esteem in children is a big step towards empowering them. It can be hard sometimes to stop the cycle of negativity and pressure our children are exposed to from a young age. 

Somayeh and Krystle are so passionate about what they're doing that I wanted to help get their message heard. Here's a little insight into their brand and a little surprise bonus for you all at the end...

  • Where did your idea for I’More Kids come from? Is it a very personal project for you both? 

I'More is very personal for us both. It was born after a very long conversation on the phone together about our girls, school, and issues with confidence amongst other things. Both our daughters were going through times of self-doubt and low self-esteem, mostly through experiences at school. We found ourselves having to constantly rebuild them mentally and emotionally when they were home. We soon realised we had to create a tool box of strategies they could use in life to help them deal with these situations.

  • You can tell you’re both mums as you have a real intuition about children! What can you tell us about your backgrounds and how that is contributing to I’More?

Somayeh has worked in education and play for several years now and has seen the impact in which having low self-esteem can affect a child. Children are under immense pressure these days to conform to societies expectations, to make themselves something they are not, to fit in. So building on confidence and self-love from a young age is invaluable. Krystle is a mother of three with a degree in product design.  After years of making and creating beautiful things for friends and family, she wanted to turn her passion into a business and make a change. 

  • Do you see yourselves as a children’s fashion brand or something a bit different? 

We see ourselves as a lifestyle brand. More than fashion, what we are doing is for the benefit of the whole child. We have a safe social media space, which is needed growing up in this generation. Children/teenagers can follow us and get daily inspiration and uplifting advice if they are feeling down. We have our merchandise, our cool, colourful statement T-shirts, and accessories that children can feel confident wearing. 

Confidence in children
  • Positive affirmations are definitely becoming popular with adults, how do you see them helping children?

They work the same way as they do with adults. Affirmations are massive in our houses. We use them daily with the children. Somayeh’s eldest was a real pessimist, at 7yrs old. She has been using them with her for 7 months now her whole attitude has changed. She firstly doesn’t speak in the same negative way about herself; she is much more pleasant about herself and the world. We have spoken so much about the power of a positive mind that she really is beginning to shift her mindset. It’s amazing! She also uses them in the class at school. They really empower children to believe in themselves and encourage a growth mindset. 

  • Do you think we influence our children’s image of themselves without realising it?

Absolutely! From toddler to teenagers we are their biggest role model. The way we speak about ourselves and others influences our children’s behaviour, how they feel about their appearance is largely determined by how we regard our own.

If every day your child heard you say, ‘I am so strong and healthy’ no doubt your child will be proud to say that they are strong and healthy too. The way which we speak to them is everything. Really important especially if they lack that self-esteem and have confidence issues.

  • How do you think the environment outside the home affects our little one's self-esteem? Is there too much pressure with school and peers? 

100% yes. There is so much pressure and not just from peers it's also from education as well. Of course, we want our children to learn new things, especially what's going to help them in the future but not to the degree where the child feels stress and pressure.  Children at school age spend a lot of time in an environment outside of the home. For some children, it's not all positive. Home and School should be a safe place. It kept coming up in conversation with our own children how they were trying to conform and were struggling to keep their identity amongst the dominant personalities in their social groups.

  • What can we do to empower them?

Children need to be able to feel freedom and believe in themselves, giving them responsibilities and letting them make decisions and deal with the consequences. Encourage a growth mindset as much as we can and teaching them gratitude. We have a toolbox on our website for parents it includes free downloadable activities you can do with your children to encourage a growth mindset and positive thinking.
All our resources and activities are free to download. 

  • Future dreams for I’More Kids? 

So many dreams... we want to reach as many children as we can: To build, uplift and encourage them to be who they want to be regardless of societies expectations. To give them a voice and a platform. I’More is heading to schools; we will be running workshops and classes on confidence and mindfulness. It’s all quite exciting!

If you would like to find out more about I'More Kids and their #imoremovement they can be found at: 

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