Meet Papa' Prada

The other half of Mammaprada

Who is the lovely Mr Prada? As you've got to know me a bit better I thought it was time to let him speak a bit! So I asked the poor man a few questions about dating English women and coping with our cross-cultural life! 

So firstly dispel the myth, are you related to THE Prada family? And do you use your name to get any perks?!     

No I'm not. Prada is a bit like being called Walker in the UK it's not a really common name but most people have heard of it and you wouldn't think if you met a Mr Walker that he was related to a crisp empire :-) I've never actually tried to use my name for perks. However I have had girls asking me many times to get them free handbags and they didn't believe me when I said it just wasn't possible! It was also one of the first things Kristie (Mammaprada) asked me when we dated. She was only after one thing hehe!

On to dating your lovely wife, how many times did Mammaprada pack her bags in your first year together?  

No less than 4! The suitcase came out from the wardrobe and stood on the bed ready to be filled. Luckily I managed to persuade her not to fill it!

What do you think is the hardest part of cross-cultural relationships? 

I think the combination of English and Latin temperaments is quite difficult. English people generally are calm, reserved and feel slightly unnerved by overemotional outbursts or behaviour. Italians just let out how they feel. This can be hard to get used to in the beginning. I remember throwing my bag on the floor in a rage after running for a train at London Bridge station. The look on Kristie's face and the scattering of people around me made me realise, you don't do this in England. You probably pretend you were never trying to get that train in the first place!

How did you woo her?

I sent her an email with three options, drinks at the Oxo Tower, afternoon tea or dinner at Dans Le Noir (a restaurant where you eat in the dark). She chose drinks, apparently so she could escape easily if it was going a bit wrong! Charming!

How important is it that your children speak your language?

Very important, it's the only way they can understand who they are and where they come from.

Do you ever think of giving up and letting them only speak English?

No, I've never thought about giving up, sooner or later they will speak Italian, even if I have to wait until I'm an old man.

What else about your heritage do you want them to understand, or are there any Italian qualities you would like them to have?

A distinctive Italian quality. To believe that you can make something happen despite not having a clue how to do it!

Describe Italy to us:

Always on the brink of a crisis, lots of drama, the end of the world is near and then....nothing changes.

What do you love best about the UK?

Life has no drama, the sun rises again everyday and everyone just gets on with the job in hand.

 What brought you here 16 years ago?

A girl! Always a girl with us Italian boys.

What drives you mad about the UK?

You don't have shutters on the windows! Why? You have all these gorgeous sash windows and they are all decaying because the shutters, if there are any, are on the inside of the windows!?!?!? Can't get my head round this one. Kristie actually refuses to discuss this with me anymore as I get so wound up! Lol!

And finally What makes you happy?

The same thing that makes any Italian happy. PASTA! Specifically spaghetti with clams...