Mammaprada facts

The 'Mamma' in Mammaprada

I thought it might be helpful to know a bit more about me, who am I outside of being a Mamma now?

I think we all know that feeling of wondering, what did I like before? Who was I? Can I even remember the things I loved, was passionate about? How did I like to spend my time?

Some of you may have never lost that feeling, and good on you if so!

For me there was a bit of a haze that descended after baby number one. I'm guessing now it was a bit of post-natal depression but at the time I didn't realise. With baby two I felt it coming, I recognised I was going under.  Thankfully my daughter sleeping through the night at 15 months helped clear the fog! Sleep deprivation is the answer to many post-natal problems in my opinion! 

Now I'm able to think clearer, notice I didn't say clearly! :-) I am starting to remember all my pre-baby passions. Some are not me anymore and I've no desire to do them. Sometimes I can't believe I raced yachts at Cowes Week as part of an all-girl crew! Or that I played Polo very badly for Citigroup. That I could read a whole book in a day or that I used to moan how tired I was on weekends whilst watching Saturday Kitchen! (WHY were you tired woman?!?!) 

However many aspects of 'Me' are still there, so with a bit of over sharing in mind, here's a few fast facts about me, Kristie, the 'Mamma' in Mammaprada. Who is really just like any other mamma but happened to marry someone with a cool name! And yet still still doesn't get free handbags :-( 

First name: Kristie

Nickname with family: Bee (I've always been busy!)

Nickname with Hubby: Pulcino, Italian for 'Chick'. Hence the Chick emoji in all my posts! 

Where am I from?: A small village in Berkshire, south of Oxford, think Newbury bypass (anyone remember Swampy?!) not far from Kate Middleton territory.

List of my loves apart from Hubby & children: Rugby, travelling, cooking for others, anything Italian (This love began with Art A Level study, not with meeting Mr Prada!). Classic fashion especially great jewellery and bags.

Hates: Brexit, rudeness, ignorance, slimy seafood and raisins! Yuk!

Crush: Used to be Tony Underwood who played rugby for England now more David Gandy, swoon!

Skin crawl: Donald Trump!

Dream about going to: California, Ravello, New Zealand...

Favourite UK Places: Cornwall, especially Port Issac (Amazing fishmongers!), Mevagissey, Polperro. Also love Kent, York and Manchester.

Favourite dish cooked by the Italian Hubster: Scaloppine alla boscaiola, which is pork medallions, mushrooms & spinach, with a cream and white wine sauce Mmmmm.

Weaknesses: Confrontation, when faced with tiramisu, mint aeros, 70% dark Lindt Chocolate and coffee. A lot of chocolate related items here!                                                                       

Most proud: Of our gorgeous babies, they are the hardest but best thing we've ever done! And not forgetting what an amazing Papa' Mr Prada is!