La Mia Famiglia

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single English woman in possession of (thankfully) a good sense of humour must be in want of a nice, stable, quiet English husband. However... I ended up with a crazy, loud Italian Husband who has given me (beautiful) crazy, loud bambini!

We are a noisy family!

'Vivace' Italians would call them. Whatever the label our familglia is anything but quiet. Life with Italians is amazing, colourful, intense and direct but it can transform you and tire you out in ways you did not think possible.

I spend most of my time asking people to “Stop shouting!”. Realising that I am shouting this as otherwise no one would hear me!

"We are a noisy family", Peppa pig

"We are a noisy family", Peppa pig

Motherhood and marriage are huge transformations and challenges for any couple but add in different cultures, languages, religions... 

So how did we meet?

In true English Christmas party style we danced badly next to each other at a work event. Mr Prada apparently thought I looked "fun"  (Grazie! Not beautiful/exotic/elegant etc. etc.) and got in touch afterwards. I didn't know who he was but thought it wouldn't go anywhere because I wanted to the meet the nice, stable, quiet Englishman mentioned above. We started dating and here I am well over 10 years later. I never did find that Englishman! (He sounds a bit dull now though doesn't he?).

We now have two bambini, one little boy who is 5 years old, pet name the 'Spaghetto', as he's tall, thin and giallo (yellow) and one two year old daughter we call 'Pebbles', as she has flintstone-esque hair that can not be tamed and bangs her fists on the table a lot.

How did Mammaprada begin?

I've lost count of the number of times people have told me to write down the things I experience with my Italian/English friends and family. This is not to say that our situation is unique, there are millions of us out there in mixed culture relationships, families, friendships who will have experienced these things too. Please feel free to add your own anecdotes on travel, multicultural life or simply the fun and frustrations of being a parent. We are all in this together!

I would also love to hear from others about their experiences raising children bilingually. What works, what doesn't. What to do when they keep using one language, how to not give up. Any resources you know of please share.

The site is a place to write my/your experiences, laugh at them, share how mad things are sometimes but always to be pleasant to each other. Any sweeping generalisations on English or Italian behaviour should be taken in good humour. They are my observations, written from a place of huge love for both our cultures whilst recognising that we can be quite different. There will obviously there will be hundreds of exceptions. I hope you enjoy it and join in,


Kristie xx

la famiglia