Welcome to Mammaprada and thank you for considering working with us!

Where it all began

Mammaprada was created initially as a blog. We then realised that all the information we’ve gained reviewing and testing language learning products with our children could be shared with others going through the same challenges.

Along the way we’ve also found that there’s great interest in our ‘Favourite things’ from both our Italian and English backgrounds.

Our collection

With that in mind we have started to share information/ products from brands we love and events we feel would suit our audience.


Any products we promote we try first as we genuinely use these with our family. Our audience have come to expect this of us and it forms the basis of the integrity of Mammaprada.

We love to use brands that we believe in ourselves, that are ethical, have great values and a conscience!

Working with us

We are open to collaborations in various forms but also to helping out other great people and businesses with their hearts in the right place.


Of course one of the benefits of working with us is we are able to communicate in English or Italian. Campaigns can then be tailored for your audience and language.

If you have an idea or you just feel we are a good fit for your brand let’s talk!

How to get in touch:

If you are interested in working together please email, see my pitch pack or use the form below.

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Welcome to our site and ci sentiamo presto! (Speak to you soon)

Kristie & Graziano xx