What’s on offer in Dubai when booking a meal or event

A few years ago my sister moved to Dubai. Quite simply the amount on offer there was too much for her to turn down! She’s now a teacher in an international school and we visit whenever we can.

Dubai is one of those cities which spoils you. Once you’ve visited you can’t help comparing everywhere else to the service, cleanliness and the abundance on offer.

So if you want to go for dinner here or book a special occasion what can you expect?

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.


Though Dubai is in the Middle East the range of different foods you can try here is astounding. Not only is there a substantial number of different cuisines to rival capital cities worldwide, but the standard of restaurants is also exceptionally high.

From seafood, Italian, Indian to vegan and Japanese. There is something to suit everyone and every taste.


One of our favourite locations to eat is the Marina, however, there are a variety of locations to dine or hold an event depending on which type of atmosphere you love.

If you prefer laid back establishments head to the beaches where you will find a range of cafes, outdoor dining and super healthy bars.

Some restaurants offer views of the famous hotels from their gardens, there are rooftop lounges and even fish huts! Whatever style of occasion you are planning you will find the right venue.

Wow factor

If you want to really impress then you are in the right city! 

Many of the hotels in Dubai are works of art in themselves. We love dining at one of the Address properties, which is a small chain of superb hotels across the city in a variety of spectacular locations. 

They tend to have opulent seating, tables with views and are usually glass towers with the restaurants and function rooms at the top to see the city at its best. 

To book, use an online reservation service website

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.


If you are hoping to see something of the original emirate culture take a trip down to the Dubai Creek. Here there’s a maze of waterways with boat tours around the city. 

Not only can you see the wonderful skyline from the water but you get to visit an area which most tourists miss.

There are several traditional markets and souks to check out from textiles to gold and spices. You can pass through the area Madinat Jumeirah. This is a sandy area of traditional-style hotels with wonderful eateries. 

This is also a great spot to see the famous Burj Al Arab which looks incredible lit up at night. This ‘Arabian tower’ is also a 7-star hotel with 10 restaurants to choose from! 

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

As you can see when it comes to dining or hosting your loved ones in Dubai you are spoilt for choice. We love visiting this unusual city and marvelling at what has been created there. 

The only downside is you will struggle to come home!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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