Interview with Dawn´s Language Tutoring - Bilingual Resources for Children

Bilingual language resources

I know many of you come to Mammaprada for information on raising Bilingual Children. We are always on the lookout for great resources and passionate businesses who can help with this process.

This week we’re interviewing Dawn about her wonderful Language Tutoring products. Dawn is a mother and has experience of bringing up bilingual children herself. Read on to find out more…

Tell us about your businesses and how it began?

Dawns Language Tutoring began during my search for a new career. I started a course on how to teach German and made Youtube videos. It wasn´t 100% what I wanted. I draw as a hobby and one day i thought “why not combine both?”. I started drawing animals for my bilingual animal coloring book and just knew: “this is what i want to do!”.

Since then I have had sooooo many ideas, but with my newborn baby there is so little time. I am doing my best to bring out new fun bilingual learning materials. Also because I want my son to be able to use them and have fun being bilingual.

My mission is to give the gift of language and help parents engage their children in their mother tongue and minority languages without it feeling like a chore to both the parents and the child.  

Why do you think it's a benefit for children to learn another language?

I think that bilingual children see the world differently.

Each language also has a culture and a history. I think that being bilingual broadens the mind. It also helps make new friends, makes travel easier.

The benefits later in life are also great: more and better job opportunities, they learn new languages faster and it doesn't matter where they are, they always have a piece of home with them. 

Bilingual language resources

Which languages are your products available in? 

My products are bilingual with English as the main language in combination with German, French, Spanish or Italian.

Do they suit a certain age of child or level of ability? 

The age varies with each product. My memory cards, which can also be used as flashcards, for example, have been used with children as young as two years old, but can also be used by adult learners.

Bilingual language resources

What types of different products do you create? 

I create fun and engaging bilingual learning material. So far I have created a coloring book, illustrated picture dictionary, memory card game and language dice.

Many more items are planned and I am looking forward to creating them. Regularly I upload free bilingual coloring pages (Christmas, Easter, Halloween for example).

Tell us about your latest product and when we can get hold of it? 

My latest product is a bilingual illustrated picture dictionary for food. In the middle, there is an illustration of a food product. Above is the English name for that food and underneath the second language with the article.

There are fruits, berries, vegetables, drinks and other foods. The children see both languages and a picture of the food at the same time.

This and all other products, as well as the free downloads, are available on

Dawns Language Tutoring is also on Facebook and Instagram under the same name. 

If you love the sound of Dawn’s wonderful illustrated resources,

head over to her website or channels and support a small passionate business!

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