Super Easy Spring Language Workbook for Children - Free Download

We’ve reached the Summer term! I hope you’re all back to school and into a routine?

For all school subjects, Spring is great season to inspire little ones to learn. There are so many animals, colours, words to use and get their minds buzzing.

Due to this I’ve created another language workbook to support their learning.

If you downloaded the Easter workbook I did earlier in the month, you know what to expect. If not, here is what’s included:

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What’s inside

In this 14 page booklet you’ll find a selection of Spring Italian words and their English translations.

Then there are pages for you to add your first and second languages you use at home, or are trying to learn.

You can use the English/Italian pages for guidance, use your own words or those which are not so common in each language.

I’ve placed the spaces for these two languages opposite each other in the workbook so you can translate easily between the two.

There are also 3 light hearted activities for children to carry our after they’ve learnt some vocabulary.


The important thing is, it’s FREE! It’s printable and hopefully will give you a break from researching or creating your own resources .

Download your copy below:

I hope you find it useful!

If not tell me what’s missing! - m[email protected]

Mammaprada :: Super Easy Spring Language Workbook for Children
Mammaprada :: Super Easy Spring Language Workbook for Children

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