7 Adriatic Delights of Croatia

Croatia is a fascinating country where its main coastline touches the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean and bridges the pluralistic Balkans with the historic stability of Central Europe. As a coastal country, the historic and imposing walls of its ancient cities are protecting the rich and hard-fought history of its people through all the cultural changes in time.

From the picturesque Venetian palaces to the impregnable Napoleonic forts, to the watery wonderland scenics and the lovely island charm, Croatia is the place where land and sea join in perfect harmony.

Come with us as we navigate through the 7 Adriatic delights of Croatia, as it emerges as one of Europe’s top destinations.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.


“The Pearl of the Adriatic” as people describe it, Dubrovnik is both historic and a hit with tourists. Whether surveying the stout walls of Old Town, appreciating the former glory of its Renaissance buildings, or joining the promenade along its main drag, it’s clear that this city has great historical significance. You can explore its evocative back lanes, relax under the Mediterranean sun in the secluded Bellevue Beach, or simply ponder about its majestic setting, there’s absolutely no wonder that it appears to be Croatia’s top draw.


As we virtually set sail along the scenic Dalmatia Coast and its countless islands, we stop ashore at Korcula. The “mini Dubrovnik” vibes are strong here. You’ll find a fortified peninsula under a striking mountain backdrop. The hanging laundry of the households enhances the old and medieval character of the alleys, turning your walk into real contact with the local character of the city.

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Credit: Unsplash..


Setting sail again to the island of Hvar, which is named by the ancient Greeks and the trade settlements they operated in the 4th century B.C. Like most major towns along the Adriatic coastline, the fortified harbor of Hvar was a strategic link. The activities you can do in the city, focus on the only purpose: your relaxation. Your days in the city of Hvar will be spent enjoying your drinks in the cobbled main square and enjoying your meal with a fresh and well-cooked fish in seaside restaurants. And maybe someday you’ll encounter some local a capella choir to sing you a song about your significant other while strolling through the numerous lanes of the city.


Return to civilization and the city of Split with its large and vibrant port. The strong historical roots of the city are immediately apparent from looking at the imposing Roman palace located in the port of the city. Split’s inhabitants have the privilege of living inside Diocletian’s imperial palace and be part of the great Roman Empire. Split is a city that combines the historical heritage with the comforts of a quiet but joyful place made friendly for its residents.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

Plitvice Lakes

While the coast is Croatia’s main draw, some of its best attractions are inland. Driving your vehicle in the heart of the Croatian countryside is a must-have experience and now it becomes more feasible for everyone by renting yours through Enjoy Travel. With your car, you get to visit one of Europe’s top natural wonders, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Magical waterfalls, scattered in a huge area of green that will calm and relax your spirit. Walking through secret paths, wooden bridges, and miles of pleasant plank walks, this is truly an ecotherapy experience for you.


You cannot get a complete picture of modern Croatia, without a visit to its capital city. The Jelacic Square aka “The Times Square of Zagreb” is boisterous with modern commerce and local life. The urban energy of urban Croatia is everywhere in Zagreb, from the previously full-packed cafes to clothing shops or one of the many inviting parks throughout the city. There’s also the historic upper town of Zagreb, where you can find the colorfully tiled roof of St.Mark’s church, depicting both the coat of arms of Croatia and the city seal of Zagreb.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.


As we drive again towards the coast, we reach our final stop; Rovinj. The town of Rovinj rises dramatically from the Adriatic. Imagine that the whole town of Rovinj is pulled up to heaven but its bell tower of St.Euphemia’s church. Today’s pleasantly claustrophobic Old Town was responsible for giving a safe harbor for people in medieval times. Like the rest of the Croatian Coast, Rovinj was part of the Venetian Empire for centuries. So that explains the bi-lingual nature of Croatia with the Italian language. Also, the previously vibrant market of Rovinj’s was a gleeful place where you could shop for a picnic and snack on free samples. 

As you can deduce from the above destinations, Croatia is a place where you can cherish the beauty of the Mediterranean and at the same time the affluent multicultural heritage of the country. A truly special destination for your next trip.

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