10 Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Is your current job preventing you from travelling the world to see the beautiful places you only get to see on the television?

Obviously there is another big factor effecting whether we travel right now or not. But once life goes back to normal then it could be time to look for a new job. The aim of having a job is to earn money so that we can pay for some of life's pleasures and for many of us that is travelling and seeing the world.

In this article we’ve gathered in our opinion, the best ten jobs that pay you to travel.

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

Travel Photography

Is a fantastic job which if you become an expert in your field will pay you to travel. As a travel photographer, you can work freelance or with a company which needs your photography skills. If you choose to work with a company, they will pay you to travel to different tourist destinations to take photos of tourist sites. On the other hand, if you work as a freelancer, you can sell your photography.


Another example of a job where you get paid to travel. Consultants offer quite a broad range of services and cut across different sectors of society. If you have expertise in fashion, business, sports, technology or any other field, it is time to offer your services as a consultant.

Some professional fields require you to have multiple certifications and a track record of success. However, if you work for yourself you can do this from any location.

Flight Attendant

The flight attendant is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of jobs which involve travelling. It is the most obvious travelling job and the pay is quite attractive. You need to obtain a certification or licence from the aviation agency to become one. Take into account there will be trips where you don’t get to explore and the hours are long. However, if you can become a long haul flight attendant then you get to stopover for a short while in each place.

Credit: Unsplash..

Credit: Unsplash..


The voiceover job fits the description of a job that pays you to travel because you literally can do it anywhere you are in the world. Your clients do not concern themselves with where you record their voiceover projects. You can record your demos even in your hotel room or in the parking lot. Once your demos are ready, send them to voquent.com, a website created for voiceover artists.

Retail Buyer

If you are interested in fashion and trends, then you should consider applying for a retail buyer job. Fashion companies need retail buyers who meet with vendors and suppliers across the globe and also attend industry-related conferences and meetings. One of our friends is a buyer for a luxury fashion label and spends a great deal of time on Lake Como where silk comes from! Not a bad way to spend your working day.


Translators are in high demand all over the world. If you can speak multiple languages like a native, then this is the perfect job for you.

Government officials travel to different countries and often need a translator. Also, many businessmen travel with their translators whenever they attend business meetings, especially in countries where they do not speak the language.

It is a fantastic travel job with attractive remuneration and perks like all-expense-paid trips.  

Credit: Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash.

Travel Agent

As a travel agent, you get to travel to different cities at a discount if you work for an established travel company. You can also set up your own travel organiser business for private individuals who don’t want to search for the best deals or find a destination which suits their family. This means you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Website & Graphic Design

Graphic and website designers don't need to work from an office since all the work is done from the computer. The high tech nature of the industry means clients expect you to be in contact over email rather than in person. This way you can create a sustainable business while living wherever you want or travelling the world.

Social Media Manager

Here is another remote job that you can do anywhere you are in the world. Individuals such as government officials and celebrities need social media managers to help them manage their social networks, and in some cases, communicate with their fans.


Dropshipping is a new way to allow you to travel while keeping tabs on orders for your products. We use a UK drop-shipper to process all of our shop orders. They print and post our products on-demand with no input needed from us. You only need a website, a product niche, internet and your mobile device or laptop to get setup. You can then enjoy that you are earning money while travelling. It is the perfect travel job that will give you extra income.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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